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Time lapse video covers 10 years at 9/11 memorial


EarthCam released a time-lapse of construction at the 9/11 memorial in New York City.

Your Week in Viral Videos: Tactile-touch technology


If there was a device out there that was wireless and had infinite battery life, high definition browsing, instant page loading, permanent bookmarking, voice-activated password protection and was delivered to you free, would you get one?

Trending: A nerve-racking jump, a great white encounter and the 'dog-spider'

While you were sleeping, the Internet never stopped… Here's what's trending today.

Kenny Football: Hill surpasses Manziel's mark in big Texas A&M win


No. 21 Texas A&M beat No. 9 South Carolina 52-28.

Your Week in Viral Videos: You should be using sunscreen


Summer is ending but it's never too late to learn how to protect yourself from the sun.

Your Week in Music: The King of Pop's new video debuting on Twitter


A posthumous Michael Jackson music video debuts Wednesday, She and Him gets nostalgic and shredding banjos, this week in music. 

'The Lion King' Broadway cast wows in crowded NYC subway performance


The Broadway cast of 'The Lion King' performed on a busy NYC subway in June, and it's recently gone viral on YouTube.

Your Week in Music: YouTube's most viral hits a pop spectacular


A look at YouTube's most viral music videos, the last and final song from the Civil Wars and trombones bring all the cows to the yard, this week in music. 

Viral Video: Katy Perry song thrills crying baby

Source: YouTube (Eva Baker) Source: YouTube (Eva Baker)

Katy Perry stops babies from crying. A baby's love for KP is the newest viral sensation.

Your Week in Viral Videos: The fears of crazy women, aging


Five-year-old Sadie is afraid her baby brother will grow up and stop being cute while a Tennessee alderman doles out advice on how to avoid marrying the wrong woman.

Graphic Video: Hero cat saves kid from vicious dog attack

They say dog is man's best friend, but this cat begs to differ.

Your Week in Viral Videos: 'Everything is great'


No vacation ever really goes the way you think it will and despite how much you want to escape work, sometimes your boss shows up on the beach while you’re dancing with your friends and fires you because you weren’t supposed to be taking a vacation in the first place.

'Kim Jong-un Dance' video upsets Kim Jong-un

'Kim Jong-un' shows some fancy footwork in a viral YouTube video. North Korean officials were not amused. (Source: YouTube) 'Kim Jong-un' shows some fancy footwork in a viral YouTube video. North Korean officials were not amused. (Source: YouTube)

North Korea's supreme leader and The Onion's 2012 Sexiest Man Alive is quite upset about a video making the rounds. A YouTube viral hit out of China features Kim Jong-un's head pasted to several clips of people dancing and breaking out karate moves.

Portland-based ad agency creates viral ad for Derek Jeter swan song


As the World Series-winning shortstop makes his last lap around baseball stadiums this summer, Portland-based ad agency Wieden and Kennedy is helping Nike's Jordan Brand pay tribute to the living legend.

VIRAL VIDEO: 'New Yorks' work the dance floor at reception

The rhythm of the music in New Orleans can sweep a person away. This time it got to an entire wedding party.

Singer Erykah Badu tries to kiss a reporter live on-air


Every television reporter has had to deal with passer-bys trying to get attention by doing crazy things behind them live on camera. But this time, it's a celebrity who tries to disrupt a New York City reporter.

Your Week in Viral Videos: Strangers slapping each other


Finding an entire group of groomsmen who can groove in rhythm with each other is no small feat, so the dance routine one groom put on for bride at their wedding reception is truly epic.

"When pigs fly" takes on new meaning

(source: Youtube) (source: Youtube)

The expression "when pigs fly" took on new meaning when a swine bound for the slaughter house jumped from the back of the truck it was riding in.

VIDEO: Man has close call with Great White


A video posted on YouTube on Thursday already has close to 3 million views. Taken with a GoPro camera, it shows a man diving into the Sydney Harbour in Australia, and within seconds, he has a frightening close call with a Great White Shark.

VIRAL VIDEO: Hip hop kittens jam to new home


Tulip and Daisy's foster parents, who are struggling to find these two a home, created a video of these two head bopping to the hip-hop song "Turn Down for What."

WATCH: Tornado rips through church playground

Security cameras at a Tupelo, MS pre-school were rolling as a deadly tornado swept through the town. For five minutes and 11 seconds, viewers can watch the devastation play out right before their eyes.

VIDEO: LSU gymnast scores a perfect 10 with hip-hop routine


LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - This is NOT your mother's floor routine. Lloiminica Hall, a gymnast for Louisiana State University, is gaining a lot of attention for her perfection. Her unique moves have helped

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