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Denise Sabin Questions If Things Could Have Turned Out Differently

By J.D. Wallace, KOLD News 13 Reporter

posted 6/21/05

Fourteen months after her daughter's suicide and with her husband in jail, Denise Sabin admits that she made the wrong decision, but still wonders if she could have saved her daughter's life.


"I was in shock. I felt completely blind-sided by Katie's suicide,” said Katie’s mother, Denise Sabin.

A suicide that led Marana police to discover that 16 year-old Katie Sabin had been molested by her father, Ricky Lee Sabin, since she was eight.


"I believe my daughter did what she did because of the molestation,” Denise Sabin said in regard to what drove Katie to suicide.


Katie told her mother Denise about t he molestations six months before the suicide, and said the abuse had stopped. Katie had already been molested by her grandfather when she was seven, and Denise said that Katie did not want to report her father's abuse.


"My daughter was knowledgeable, knew that her father would be prosecuted, and he would go to jail, her family would go through the same things we had experienced in the past,” Denise Sabin said. "When this happened with my own husband, it still makes you, it makes you ill. I don't know what to say. It's not something that, because I experienced it with my own father it was more palatable or accepting the second time around, I didn't.”


Nor did Denise Sabin report her husband's molestation of their daughter, which she admitted as a mistake.


"I'm just a mother who tried to make the best decision at a time when it was very very difficult, and hindsight's always 20/20. It's very easy to second-guess everything,” Sabin said.

One thing Denise Sabin won't second guess is if things would have ended differently if she had reported the abuse.


"Well, that's presuming she wouldn't have killed herself in the end, anyway. Nobody can presume that. I certainly don't after reading her diary and knowing how emotionally damaged she was,” Denise Sabin said. "You can have an overachiever child, a great kid, somebody that just excels and is never a problem, and yet, the side behind the facade can be a very troubled child as well."


Denise Sabin says she will divorce her husband, Ricky Lee Sabin, who is in prison for 37 years without parole. He'll be released when he is almost 80. For her five year probation, Denise cannot have any contact with him, and says that the only reason she kept in contact was to get him to plead guilty instead of dragging everything out in a trial. She must also undergo mental counseling. Upon completion of the probation, her violation will be changed to a misdemeanor.

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