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Rabid bobcat attack caught on tape

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A rabid bobcat went on the attack in a bar in Cottonwood, Arizona.

The incident was caught on tape by the bar's surveillance cameras.

It happened at the Chaparral Bar when the bobcat walked into the bar and started attacking people.

People started jumping on stools in an attempt to find safety.

Others tried to snap pictures with their cell phones of the bobcat.

One victim tried to look at the bobcat while it was under a pool table.  The bob cat responded by jumping out and attacking him.  The cat's claws almost ripped off his right ear.

Bar customers say they tried to get out of the bar through the back door, but the cat started jumping on people.

The bobcat had gone outside by the time police arrived to the bar.

The cat was aggressive towards police and when it approached them, officers shot and killed it.

Tests on the animal show it had rabies.

Health officials say wild animals typically do not approach people, but if they do, you should call law enforcement or animal control.

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