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Marana considers annexing private land for landfill

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By Barbara Grijalva - email

MARANA, AZ (KOLD) - The plan is for the Town of Marana to annex 1,200 acres on the edge of the Marana town limits, about one mile west of the Marana Northwest Regional Airport.

The town would rezone the land for a privately run landfill.

A map of the proposed landfill in Marana.

Marana spokesman Rodney Campbell says, for the town, it's the perfect location for a landfill, off Avra Valley Road, where there are no plans for a lot of homes.

"What we're doing with allowing a landfill to be put in there is well within the zoning plans that have existed all along," he adds.

Marana wants to have a new landfill within two years.

There's a big hurry because Pima County plans to someday close the next closest landfill, the Tangerine facility.

It's nearly full.

"Having a landfill up here, particularly in the north part of town, in northern Pima County and really southern Pinal County, too, is extremely important," Campbell says.

Marana would not own or operate the proposed landfill.

A private company out of Scottsdale would lease the land from the owner, and run the facility.

"It is a company that has done landfills before, has gone through all this process, and has successfully run these in the past. Knows what it's doing," Campbell says.

We asked about a possible conflict of interest because of who owns the land where the dump would be built.

"The owners of the land are Herb and John Kai. Herb is our vice mayor."

Campbell says the proposal was not the Kai's idea.

"Both of them were approached by a person from the private sector who saw the need for landfill up here," he says.  

"But really this whole process is being treated just as any private landowners land would be treated," Campbell adds.

Campbell says the vice mayor would not vote on any matters pertaining to the landfill proposal.

Staff was to present the plan to the Marana Town Council at its regular meeting Tuesday night.

Campbell says there could be a public hearing and a vote on the annexation in late February or early March.

Campbell says he passed along our request to speak with Herb Kai.

Mr. Kai has not responded.

Our phone call for reaction from a realtor who has 20 acres for sale across Avra Valley Road from the dump site was not returned. 

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