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The rebirth of Miracle Mile is underway

By Bud Foster – email

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - It wasn't very long ago the city of Tucson was so embarrassed by the words ‘Miracle Mile" that they took down the signs and renamed the street Oracle.

Those days appear to be past and Miracle Mile is in the midst of a revival.

Hotels are being renovated, businesses are beginning to appear again and the area has been ridded of drug addicts and prostitutes.

It helps that the area has a very large and visible police substation but it's also the work of many dedicated business people like Steve Rendon.

He bought the La Siesta Hotel on the old Miracle Mile four years ago, closed it for renovations and reopened it as a boutique hotel.

 It now gets people from all over the world.

 Germany, France, Italy, England, Scotland," he says.

"Loved it, fantastic, what more could you ask for," says Mark Kibble, visiting from Scotland.

Reading the guest books in all the rooms makes it sound like five star accommodations.

"Wonderful, it makes Tucson a pleasant stay," they read.

La Siesta is part of Miracle Mile's revival which will be celebrated this weekend with food, music, tours and old footage of the street in its heyday.

The Ghost Ranch Lodge is being renovated into low income housing. It was build by Tucson's famed architect Josias Joesler in 1941 and has been the home to countless movie stars.

Tucsonan Bob Shelton, who has deep ties to Hollywood, will be showing his films this weekend, much of it at the lodge. It will be renovated as a historical site.

"We believe in the economic future of Miracle Mile," says Susan Alexander, one of the events organizers.

The event starts Saturday morning at 9:00 and runs all day. And best of all, it's free

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