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Some fireworks now legal in Arizona after Dec. 1

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PHOENIX (KOLD) - Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill into law Monday allowing the sale and use of sparklers and other fireworks that shoot off sparks but don't explode.

The signing ends years of lobbying by the fireworks industry, with governors vetoing versions in the 1990s.

It is currently illegal to buy, sell or use sparklers and other so-called "consumer-grade" fireworks in Arizona. The law takes effect Dec. 1.

Brewer expressed concern about wildfires when she vetoed a 2009 version. This year's version will allow the state to collect a penalty for misuse of fireworks and to use the money for fire

The bill will allow cities to prohibit use of fireworks, and counties could restrict use in unincorporated areas during times of risk of wildfire.

Some examples of fireworks that are allowed under the new law:

  • hand-held sparkling devices
  • cylindrical and cone fountains
  • illuminating torches
  • wheels
  • ground spinners
  • flitter sparklers
  • toy smoke devices
  • wire sparklers or dipped sticks

Some examples that are still not permitted under the new law:

  • bottle rockets
  • sky rockets
  • missile-type rockets
  • helicopters
  • torpedoes
  • roman candles
  • jumping jacks

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