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UPDATE: Lois Lane hospitalized in Tucson

By Jonathan Saupe - email


Noel Neill's good friend and biographer Larry Thomas Ward has updated a Superman Blog with news on Noel's condition after she broke her hip this past July.

"Noel was doing moderately well enough recently that she was transferred from the physical therapy center to an assisted living facility in Tucson.

Unfortunately, yesterday (Aug. 26th) Noel unexpectedly fell from her wheelchair, necessitating an MRI.

Thankfully there were no broken bones, but her fall set her back considerably in her recovery. To that end, in a long talk with her doctors, it was agreed that Noel's road to recovery has just gotten longer and more difficult and it will be many months before she will be able to once again become mobile. Also in this equation will be her inability to travel anytime soon.

What this means is that Noel's long-awaited 90th Birthday Party (long-awaited by us, but not necessarily by Noel) has been cancelled, and it would not be prudent to attempt to reschedule this private event.

Noel was well-aware of the party, and I think she was probably working too hard to recover too soon, mostly by trying to do her own physical therapy - never a good idea. Well, the pressure is off her now, so perhaps she can attempt to recover in a more relaxed manner and not try to overdo it.

As I have said previously, all we can do at this stage is help Noel become more comfortable and encourage her in her efforts to recover."

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - Noel Neill, the actress who played Lois Lane, was hospitalized after a fall this past Friday. Neill tripped as she was walking across her living room and was rushed to Tucson Medical Center.

She had surgery early Saturday after suffering a broken hip. The pain from the surgery was so overwhelming that doctors gave her morphine and other medication. Neill broke the same hip she bruised in March.

"I'm honestly not sure Noel will be able to survive the after effects of the surgery and the fall," Neill's friend and biographer, Larry Ward said. "At this point, all we can do is keep her comfortable and hope the pain subsides soon."

Neill is best known for her portrayal of Lois Lane in the Superman TV series, Adventures of Superman, which ran throughout the 1950's.

The actress has been a Tucson resident since April. She turns 90 in November.

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