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Local High School Teacher Arrested For Sexual Abuse of a Student

Jason William Baridon Jason William Baridon

By KOLD News 13's Dan Marries

Jason Baridon, a history and social studies teacher at Mountain View High School, seems to be popular with the students.  Those I talked with say he's well liked and respected, "he's a good teacher," said Kyle Gillette, "he teaches the curriculum very well, he explains it in good detail and he's a cool teacher." 

Karissa Montanez, a senior echoed those sentiments, "I thought he's a really nice man and he's a really great teacher too so I didn't think this would happen to him."

Mr. Baridon was arrested Tuesday morning, March 4th, on school grounds. Accusations of sexual abuse came Monday from a student. The student told Pima County deputies the incident happened on Friday, "the student reported a teacher had basically been inappropriate with her in a classroom," said PCSO spokeswoman Dawn Hanke. 

News of Baridon's arrest on campus spread quickly leaving students, like Paul Swerda, stunned, "he's a fun guy, he's really funny. He likes to clown around a lot.  He's sarcastic at times and he likes to crack jokes, he's a nice guy." 

Clayton Wilford took classes over the summer and got to know Mr. Baridan since his room was right next door, "he used to be real cool with us, he'd arm wrestle the kids and just have real fun with them." Some students now wonder if that "fun" may have gone too far but investigators won't say. 

Baridon was released to pre-trial services following his video court appearance Tuesday night.  The judge ordered Baridon to stay away from Mountain View High School and all female minors. 

Detectives are asking anyone with information contact Sgt. Sonia Pesquiera at 520-351-4689.

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