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A Thank You to Those Whose Gift Keeps Giving

By J.D. Wallace, KOLD News 13 Reporter

Wesley Fa showed off some of his new rocks as he stood inside University Medical Center on Saturday.  He was about to express for organ donors.

"So they can save lives," Fa said.

"When I was four months pregnant I found out he had half a heart," said his mother Jennifer.

Less than two weeks after he was born, Wesley received a heart from another infant.

"That means that someone else's tragedy is our, saves our child's life, so that was a very hard, but we were so grateful, that someone made that choice," Jennifer Fa said.

"Thank you, a lot, yeah," Wesley said.

While he expressed his gratitude, a room full of families received handmade bells, called Ben's Bells, to thank them for the decision they or their loved ones made to help others.

"I feel that it's an honor for me to talk about him," Eddie Tapia said.

He spoke of friend and employee Jesus Ablaiz Leon, who died in a car crash in December.  But his organs continue to help others.

"I'm sure they feel honored and I'm sure Jesus would feel privileged in helping in such a manner," Tapia said.

Wesley Fa led a balloon release to thank people like Jesus Ablaiz Leon and his family.

"And to be able to show them that this really does work by introducing them to recipients and just really thank them," said Tim Brown, CEO of Donor Network of Arizona.

Some like Tapia said that decision shouldn't be difficult.

"To give hope where there is none.  That's the key.  It'd be selfish for anybody not to do that," Tapia said.

To learn more about becoming an organ donor, click on the link to the left of this story.

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