Amazon to split second headquarters between New York and Northern Virginia

Amazon has picked locations in New York City and Northern Virginia for its new headquarters, according to a report published late Monday in The Wall Street Journal.

5th Annual Southern Arizona Construction Career days

Southern Arizona Construction Career Days

Wildflower celebrating 20 years

Wildflower celebrating 20 years

Construction of Green Valley Pecan Co. refrigerated warehouse begins new phase

Green Valley Pecan Company’s construction project for a new refrigerated warehouse is one step closer to being completed.

Seniors, veterans get midtown option for low-income housing

The complexes have 20 apartments for veterans and low-income seniors who live with a caregiver or family member.


Air Force pilot dies in plane crash at Laughlin AFB, TX

Fire calls within minutes of one another, but on opposite sides of city keep Tucson Fire crews busy

Crews from the Tucson Fire Department responded to two fires that began within minutes of one another, but occurred on different sides of the city.