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Exploding meteor seen by Tucsonans Tuesday night

By Brian White - email

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - When a meteor explodes as it enters the Earth's atmosphere, astronomers refer to it as a bolide.

The word bolide comes from the Greek âïëéò, (bolis) which can mean a missile or to flash.

That's exactly what happened Tuesday night as a meteor crashed into the sky. Some Tucsonans saw the event.

A security camera caught the action, too.

First Alert meterologist Chuck George had dozens of calls about the phenomenon. Those who are on Twitter were asking him about it as well.

There's security camera footage of the bolide streaking through the sky. Click the link to the right to watch.

University of Arizona astronmomer Carl Hergenrother has a blog on the topic.  

First Alert meteorologist Erin Jordan interviewed Geoffrey Notkin from the Science Channel show Meteorite Men on Wednesday's KOLD News Live at Noon show.

He says while the color of the fireball may indicate satellite debris burning up in the atmosphere, the fragmentation of the fireball makes it more likely a meteor hitting the Earth's atmosphere, burning up and fallling apart.  The parts that reach the surface of the Earth are called meteorites.   

Read more about the bolide and other weather and science related topics on KOLD.com/WeatherBlog

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