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Adoption Day in the Park

By Mark Stine - email

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - The Upton family is now complete.

"Today culminates three and a half years of being with our kids," Jeremy Upton told KOLD.

The Uptons are adopting four children, joining three others they already had.

"It's a big family, you able to handle all these kids in the house," a judge asked one of the children being adopted.

The kids aren't new to the family, they've been with them for the last three and a half years in foster care, but now they're official.

The Uptons joined 73 other families at Udall Park on Saturday morning to celebrate National Adoption Day. The Pima County Juvenile Courts has put on Adoption Day in the Park for the last nine years.

"I can't believe how many parents are here and how many people are here to just adopt kids, it's an amazing thing," Upton said.

Those families were finalizing the adoptions of more than 100 children.

Judge Peter Hochuli explained, "A lot of them have been looking for families or hoping to get families so to end up and be adopted for them, it is an amazing, exciting time."

But not all cases end with the excitement of adoption. Every year, hundreds of foster children in Arizona become adults without ever finding a permanent home.

Upton said, "I think to go to another country and adopt somebody is foolish, cause there are a lot of kids here who need to be adopted."

And after a long morning with four adoptions, Jeremy Upton is heading out to feed the now official family.

"We're probably going to go somewhere and make a buffet owner very nervous."

To learn more about local adoption, just click on this site to Pima County Juvenile Courts.

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