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September 2, 2014

Step 1: Sweat

Step 2: Champagne

Step 3: Repeat

Thompson was nothing short of spectacular for us. We had a great weekend to say the least.

We had practice on Thursday and Friday, both of which went well. The track was somewhat challenging to learn as there is almost no run off room and all the turns are tight and tricky with camber transitions in almost every one. After learning the track, we focused on getting a good set up on the car to ensure that we had a good balance over the course of a race and didn't wear out the tires.

We had our first qualifying session Saturday morning. I went out and set the fastest lap, but quick time was reset after I came in for adjustments. I wasn't too worried though as I knew there were things I needed to work on driving wise that would help our lap time. I went back out again and on my last lap, I set quickest time. Eric my engineer and Aaron my mechanic were pretty ecstatic not only because we were the quickest, but also because we got bonus points towards the championship.

The start of Race 1 was pretty hectic as the outside pole sitter, Sam Beasley, got a good start and passed me. However, I tried to out brake him on the outside and I almost pulled it off… but it didn't quite stick and I had to fall in behind him. Meanwhile, in the middle of the pack, a big crash happened which brought out a full course yellow before we finished the first lap. When we went back to green, there was twenty-two minutes remaining which was plenty of time to get around Sam. After several laps of stalking him, I out braked him going into turn 1 for the lead. I didn't look back as I stretched a gap which I maintained for my second win of the year. To top it off, we had quickest race lap as well.

Sunday was more of the same. We held for much of the session before I came into to make an adjustment. At that point pole was reset by Sam, but I came back to grab pole again with a couple minutes remaining which again meant more bonus points.

I learned from Saturday what I needed to do at the start, and I was able to have a much better start. I maintained the lead despite going three wide into the first turn. Sam fell in right behind me, but I gradually eased a gap to him before I had some traffic to work through. I managed to get through cleanly, before grabbing my second win of the weekend and setting fastest race lap again.

This weekend was definitely one to remember. Eric, Aaron, and I all worked together and focused on finding a good set up that would not torch the tires which payed off big time during the duration of the race. They did an awesome job, and I just had to make sure I drove clean consistent laps.

There was a lot pressure going into this weekend after having won the first race of the season. I think our expectations were much higher after that, so not getting the results we wanted through the middle of the season was tough. It was also difficult because I came so close to winning at VIR, and had that slip through our hands. HonestIy, I was pretty nervous going into the first race, but after getting the job done, I was much more relaxed on Sunday.

We made up monster ground in the championship as I closed in from 43 points to 4 points on Tim after dropping our worst two finishes. It should be an intense weekend at the series finale at Watkins Glen, but we just need to keep relaxed, stay focused, and do our thing!


August 26, 2014


After a short three week break, we will be back on track at the historic Thompson Speedway in Connecticut this weekend for races 11 and 12 of the 14 race series. Our last outing at Pittsburgh went very well, as we came away with two 2nds, a pole in the wet and a lap record. I was able to close the gap to the points leader which is critical with just a few races remaining. We still have a little bit of work to do to get the car better, but we are riding on some good momentum.

Very few people have been to Thompson before as the original road course (paved in the 30's) hasn't been used in quite sometime. They just repaved it this summer though, so we should be on a nice surface with some good facilities too.

We will be pushing hard for wins this weekend! If we do our best, the points and wins will take care of themselves.

For updates throughout the weekend follow me on Twitter @SRMotorsports6 and on Facebook at Skylar Robinson Motorsports. You can also watch live timing at An event schedule is here which will list F2000 run times


August 6, 2014

Back on Track in the Steel City

After a month long break since Mid Ohio, I was anxious to get back in the car at Pittsburgh and make up some ground on the points leader. We did just that, and had some fun on the rental karts while doing it!

Friday practice had an unusual format compared to what we are used to. Typically, we have 2 30 minute sessions, but instead, we had 3 25 minute session. I preferred this, especially since it was a new track and it gave me more time to think about what to improve. It also allowed us to try more set up changes on the car as well. We had top 5 pace all day, and since Pittsburgh is such a short track (1.6 miles long) the field was very close time wise.

Saturday morning was really foggy, but thankfully, it burned off before our first qualifying session. Qualifying was pretty intense. We went out and immediately went P1. Eric, my engineer, then called me into the pits so we wouldn't use up our tires. I sat in our pit box for about 20 minutes out of the 30 minute session until someone I used to kart against, Sam Beasley, went P1 just beating me by a tenth. We went back out and tried to improve our time, but the tires were past their prime. For the race, we made a couple of small adjustments. I knew the start was going to be very important as it is somewhat difficult to pass on the track. I got a good start, but it wasn't quite good enough to take the lead from Sam. Once everything seemed to settle down, he gradually eased away from me even though I set the fastest lap of the race. He seemed to have a bit more straight line speed while I could catch him through the turns. With about 7 laps to go, a gentile mist came down dampening the track. I started to reel him in, but there wasn't enough time left to make a move and I finished 2nd.

We woke up to rain on Sunday which meant a wet qualifying session for us. I was a little apprehensive of the slippery conditions as I have had very little experience in wet conditions an F2000. However, I pushed that out of my head for the session and put the car P1 on the 4th lap. Once again, I came into the pits early and I hung out in my pit box while Aaron, Eric and I bit our nails for 20 minutes as we watched live timing. With about 2 minutes to go in the session, we knew we had the pole locked up as nobody was going any faster. It was great feeling to get my second pole of the year, especially in the wet. By the time the race had rolled around, the track had dried off and we were back on slick tires. For the race, we took out some of the wing we had in the first race in hopes of increasing our straight line speed. I once again focused on getting a good start, but wasn't able to get a good jump on the field and I fell to 2nd. I pushed hard to catch back up to my teammate Tim Minor (who is also the points leader), and I passed him a few laps into the race. Sam, who had passed Tim as well, started to catch me and found a way by me and gradually inched away from me. I pushed hard to keep up, but the handling of the car gradually went down hill. I tried improving the car using the adjustable front roll bar, but it didn't really seem to help, so we think we might have taken too much rear wing out. This allowed Tim to catch up and I knew I it was going to be a dog fight for 2nd. We battled hard for the last 3 laps, but I was able to come out ahead which meant I made up ground in the championship.

It was great to get back on the podium this weekend and finish ahead of Tim both races. We still have more work to do, but this was one of our best weekends to date. We got the best finishes we could and made up ground in the championship. The race is on!


August 1, 2014

Race Week!

Tomorrow, I hit the track for practice at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum, Pennsylvania. Our last race at Mid Ohio was a solid weekend and I still emerged 3rd in the points, but we certainly would have liked better results.

This track should put everybody on an even playing field as nobody has much experience here. Additionally, it is short (only 1.5 miles long) and looks like it will be difficult to pass so qualifying will be very important.

The team and I are feeling very confident going into this race. We've made some adjustments to the setup since the last event, so we will be looking for good results!!!

Also, check this out! I just cracked the top 10 in American open wheel racing prospects!


July 3, 2014

Well, this weekend at Mid Ohio marks the half way point of the 2014 F2000 Championship, and so far this year has gone really well (1 win, 3 podiums, 2 fastest race laps, 1 pole position, and 1 qualifying lap record) with the exception of a couple hiccups. I currently sit 3rd in points with in striking distance of the leader.

I've been to Mid Ohio before but in a Skip Barber car which is much slower than the F2000. However, it's still good to have some laps around the place before practice starts tomorrow, especially because it's a very challenging track.

Besides racing on 4th of July weekend, another kind of neat feature of this weekend is that we will have twilight practice tomorrow. I think it'll be cool running in the late evening. Also, it shouldn't be a million degrees which will be nice.

Looking forward to a good weekend and head over to my Facebook fan page Skylar Robinson Motorsports for updates! Or follow me on Twitter @SRMotorsports6.


June 4, 2014

The Ups and Downs of Racing

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to compete in my first oval race in a USAC HPD Midget at Caraway Speedway in Sophia, North Carolina. Caraway is a .455 mile banked, paved oval so it's a pretty quick track. It was a challenging little place as it had some big bumps and water was seeping through some of the cracks in the pavement.

Practice went well and I had top 2 pace in both sessions. Qualifying went even better and I put the car on pole for the 20 lap main. However, the top 4 were inverted so I ended up starting 4th for the main.

In the main, I had a good start to move up to third before the end of the first lap. I then had to really push hard to catch the top 2 who had stretched a gap over me in my battle for third. After about 5 laps, I had reeled in the top 2 and started to look for a way into 2nd place, but my attack was momentarily halted due to a brief caution period. We went back to green with a little over half the race left, but when you are doing 17 second laps in a three car train, the race flies by. It wasn't until two laps to go that I was able to finally make my way into 2nd and start applying pressure to the leader. On the last lap, I attempted a pass for the lead. However, I hit the inside curb which shot me into a fellow competitor then into the wall which ended my race. It was an extremely disappointing way to end a strong day. My inexperience just got the best of me!

Ready for VIR this weekend!


May 22, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Watkins Glen was a tough weekend for us. We had our fair share of ups and downs and it was especially disappointing after having such a strong weekend at Road Atlanta.

Friday practice was cut short because the track lost power due to some crazy weather that rolled through. However, I was able to get a couple laps in the second session even though they were on a wet track. This was not what I really needed to learn the track as this was my first time there.

All things considered, Saturday qualifying went really well. It was my first time on a dry Watkins Glen track and I put the car P2 which I was pretty happy with. The start of Race 1 went really well, and I was able to lead a couple laps after going back and forth with my teammate Tim. Tim got around though and stretched a little bit of gap. I was able to close up on him in the last couple laps, but I wasn't quite close enough to make a move for the lead and I finished 2nd. That was "The Good" part of the weekend.

We had high expectations for Sunday given our performance on Saturday. Unfortunately, this is where we encounter "The Bad" and "The Ugly". Qualifying ended rather prematurely as the two throttle return springs broke on my first lap out, forcing me to start 32nd for Race 2. I was hoping for a fun race fighting my way through the field, but it ended early, too. A bit of confusion at the start resulted in me making contact with the car in front of me, ending my race.

I was really disappointed with Sunday, as I didn't complete one lap the whole day. Also, you don't get many chances to start at the back of a large field and charge your way to the front very often. I think we learned some valuable lessons and I'm looking forward to VIR June 6-8!


May 8, 2014

I Love NY

Next week, I will be heading to Watkins Glen in New York for the second round of the F2000 Series. I currently sit 2nd in points, just 1 point behind the leader, so we will be looking for maximum points.

I have never been to the Glen but it looks like a fun track so I am excited to be racing there. It's very fast and flowing which I think fits my driving style. I will have to learn the track very quickly as we will have only two 30 minute practice sessions on Friday before qualifying on Saturday.

Live Timing will be available on Saturday and Sunday and possibly Friday. The following link will take you to the Live Timing page:

A schedule of when I will be practicing and racing is also available here: I will be in the F2000 group.

Also, if anyone is interested in coming out, let me know!



April 17, 2014


Its been a long off season- five months to be exact. The last time I was racing a car was at the Skip Barber Championship Shootout at Road Atlanta.

Going into this past weekend, which was the season opener for the 2014 F2000 Championship and my debut in a slicks and wings car, I wasn't quite sure what to expect concerning the dynamics of racing a down force dependent car.

Stepping up into an F2000 car has a variety of challenges one must overcome. First of all, the races are longer and the cars are more physical. We pull more lateral G's and also longitudinal G's as the cars accelerate and decelerate quickly. Also, from the racing aspect of things, you can't run as close to people as you can in F1600 or Skip Barber as you will lose the air off your wings and you won't have any aerodynamic grip.

We were pretty quick from the get-go, and by the end of Friday practice, I had topped the timing sheets. That was a good feeling as it gave me confidence going into our first qualifying session Saturday.

In qualifying, I turned the second quickest lap out of the 36 car field. I was pretty happy with my performance, and I realized that I had a legit shot at winning my first F2000 race. The start to Race 1 did not go as well as I would have liked. I jumped it a little bit and to avoid a penalty, I backed off and I ended up falling to 4th. However, I was able to make my way up to 3rd before a full course caution came out. After we cruised behind the pace car for lengthy period of time, only about 5 laps remained when we went back to green. I had a good restart which enabled me to be in a position to move up to 2nd by using the draft down the long back straight. The next lap, I did the same thing to take the lead. So with three laps to go, I was leading my first F2000 race. This is probably one of the hardest times to keep focused in a race car. Tim Minor, who was in second place at the time and won the championship last year, slowly started to reel me in. On the last lap, I made a slight mistake in turn 7 leading on to the long back straight and Tim was able to get by me. However, I was once again able to use the draft and out brake him going into the hard braking zone of 10a to take my first win in F2000 in my first start. The best feeling about the win though was the challenge of racing against Tim who was so dominate last year in the series and has a vast amount of experience. It was also super cool to see a ton of my fiends and family come out from the Augusta and Atlanta areas to support me. I also consider Road Atlanta as my "home" track and as the only person from Georgia to race in the series, it felt good to grab a win in my backyard.

On Sunday, I ended up 2nd in qualifying and 2nd in the race. I pressured Tim early on, and was even able to get around him to lead for a few laps, but I couldn't hold the lead and I finished 2nd.

It was a great weekend, not only from a points perspective, but also I was happy with my pace. There is still more to find in my driving at Watkins Glen, but I definitely feel confident that we will pick up right where we left off this past weekend.

Here is the link to an onboard lap around Road Atlanta.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

April 7, 2014

Wow, it's been a crazy week for me. Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to test a Ford Focus Midget (pictured on right) at Ace Speedway in Altamahaw, North Carolina. This was my second time doing an oval test, so it is still somewhat foreign to me. The car weighs about 1150 lbs with the driver and has around 160 hp, so it is quite quick. They are a ton of fun to drive! The test didn't get started until about 2pm because of rain, but once we got going, I turned about 150 laps, with my longest run being 80 laps. People say racing doesn't take any strength, but try doing 80 laps straight pulling 2.5 G's in the turns on a 4/10 mile oval. That's like doing 160 reps on neck machine with a 25 pound weight. It's also a lot different than road racing because there are no long straights and you are always working.

Anyway, I was really happy with how the test went as I had good pace.

After school on Tuesday, I then flew up to Baltimore where my dad picked me up. The next day, we went to the race shop in Annapolis where the F2000 car is to get the pedals adjusted and a custom molded seat poured for me.

On Thursday, we headed to Summit Point in West Virginia to shake the car down and make sure everything is right before the first race this weekend. It went great and we had good speed even though it was just a shakedown. We need to adjust a couple things in regards to my seating position but everything should be set for the race.

On Saturday, I had a 6 hour charity kart race benefiting Spina Bifida. Our team started off really well and I was able to turn the fastest lap of the race. The race really got crazy when it started to rain really hard. There was so much standing water that the race had to red flagged. After the race was restarted, I was consistently a second faster than anybody on the wet track on slick tires. We ended up winning our class and finishing 8th overall.

On Wednesday, I will be heading up to Road Atlanta for the first round of the F2000 Championship. We have practice Thursday and Friday and Qualifying 1 and Race 1 on Saturday and Qualifying 2 and Race 2 on Sunday. I am super stoked for this, and I'm looking forward to going back to Road Atlanta. We will see what happens!

Also check out the F2000 Championship's website.


March 26, 2014

With Road Atlanta just a couple of weeks away (April 11-13), I would like to know who is planning to attend.

I have attached an event schedule as well.  I am in the F2000 group.  It also would be helpful if you cold tell me the day you plan on attending.


March 21, 2014

Media Galore

The first round of the F2000 Series is just a couple weeks away at Road Atlanta and the car is coming along nicely. Hopefully, everyone can make it out!

There is a really cool preview on the F2000 Series in addition to the Atlantic and F1600 Series. Check it out here.

The preview is available on the right hand side under Featured Clips. Then click on March 19th show which should be near the top of the column.

Also, the F2000 Series did a 10 Questions interview with me which is available at the following link.


March 10, 2014


Opened up the Autoweek magazine the other day and look what I found! A full page picture of me was used in a Skip Barber ad! What's also really cool about being in the magazine was that the issue was sent to over 300,000 people!

We also exhibited 6 Simple Machines© at the Career Expo portion of the Gwinnett Science and Engineering Fair in Duluth, Georgia. At our booth, we had a mannequin with one of my driving suits on it, my helmet, the kart, and also a TV with onboard video playing so I think we attracted a good amount of attention. We were able to talk to teachers about scheduling the program and also explain to students the different aspects of engineering that are involved in racing.

The first round of the F2000 Championship Series is right around the corner (April 11-13)! It will be at Road Atlanta which is about a 2.5-3 hour drive from Augusta and no more than an hour from downtown Atlanta. If you are interested in going, let me know! It would be awesome to have everybody there!


February 20, 2014

The Great Escape

First off, I hope everyone is alright after some gnarly winter storms. I know Augusta was hit really hard. A tree fell on my dad's truck, the power was out for 4 days, and there was an earthquake. I was lucky enough to be in Maryland helping build the F2000 car while all this was taking place. My dad and I left on Tuesday right before the storm hit, but the drive up was certainly hairy (except I slept most of the way). Anyway, I helped build a few minor bits and pieces like rear wing supports, radiator screens, etc. Most of the major pieces of the car, such as the engine and transmission, are now at the shop. We are waiting on a couple pieces like the bell housing to arrive before final assembly begins. Another cool thing I got to see while in the race shop was my shocks being dynoed. It was interesting to see how changes affect the characteristics of a shock.

You may have noticed a different looking F2000 car from my original yellow and white car. Thought I'd try something a bit different with a bright blue on a satin black. Also thinking about neon orange on the satin black. What do you think?


January 15, 2014

Drum Roll Please… 2014 Plans Announced

In case the drawing of the car didn't give it away, I am super excited to announce the I will be competing in the 2014 F2000 Championship Series! It looks like it is going to be an awesome year, especially going to tracks like Road Atlanta, Virginia International Raceway, Watkins Glen, and the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course among others. The grid often gets more than 30 cars at each round, and offers a great mix of young up-and-coming drivers in addition to experienced veterans.

The car is a bit different than the Formula Fords and Skip Barber cars I raced last year. The F2000 car will be using a more powerful 2.0 liter Ford Zetec engine capable of propelling the car to speeds of 140+ mph. Additionally, we will be running a full racing slick tire which has a lot more grip than the tires used in Formula Ford and Skip Barber. This will be my first time driving a car with downforce, which adds a tremendous amount of grip in high speed turns.

I will be joining Eric Langbein Racing headed by, you guessed it, Eric Langbein! Eric has a great amount of experience engineering race cars, and it shows as he won the championship last year with my new teammate, Tim Minor. I am looking forward to a great year, and a big thanks goes out to my partners, my mom and dad, and all of you who follow me!

You can read the official release here.


January 10, 2014

6 Simple Machines and More

After a "slow" couple of months, things are starting to pick up now! Today, we gave our 6 Simple Machines presentation to over 100 8th graders at the Shiloh Middle School in Snellville, Georgia. We gave four presentations to four different advanced physical science classes, so the kids were all really bright. They seemed to enjoy it, so I think we made a positive impact. Our next 6 Simple Machines presentation is next Friday at the Renfroe Middle School in Decatur, Georgia. Looking forward to it!

Tomorrow (Saturday), I have radio interview at 10 am eastern time on local station WEZO 1230 AM. Also live streaming will be available on Don't forget to tune in!


November 25, 2013

Dream Ride

It's been an awesome weekend! It all started off on Friday when my dad and I gave our 6 Simple Machines© presentation to about 150 middle schoolers at Augusta Preparatory Day School. The kids seemed to really enjoy it, and there were even a couple of karters in the group! Then on Saturday, I had the opportunity to ride in an original '65 Cobra signed by Caroll Shelby himself! It was the ride of a life time! Now onto planning for next year.


November 11, 2013

This past week has been super crazy. For Monday and Tuesday, I was at one of my favorite tracks, Road Atlanta, for a Skip Barber 2 Day Advanced School. Even though this was a driving school, I was using it to prepare for the shootout next week as we had the opportunity to do a lot of lapping at speed. I then flew up to Pittsburgh on Wednesday for a 6 Simple Machines presentation my dad and I did on Thursday at the Carnegie Science Center which went well. It was a bit of a different atmosphere than we are used to. Usually, we are in a classroom, but at Carnegie we were in a super fancy presentation room with 8 different projectors and screens around the room! Also, we usually present to middle schoolers but on Thursday, we presented to high schoolers. It was cool because I met some kids who used to go to school with someone I raced against in karting! There were also a couple of others who raced dirt ovals, motocross, and SCCA Autocross. The building itself was quite impressive with multiple levels and some cool robotics. They had one exhibit where you could play air hockey against a robot and another one - foosball!

Monday will bring the start of the Skip Barber Championship Shootout in which I will be competing for a $200,000 scholarship to move into the USF2000 Series. The competition will be extremely tough so I am looking forward to it!


October 4, 2013


After a nice 8 hour flight, I was of course anxious to head off to the scenic Anglesey Circuit in Wales for the final round of the Avon Tyres Formula Ford National Championship. Going into the weekend, I was 3rd in the standings - 10 points behind the points leader.

The weekend started off really well as I paced the field the second half of Friday practice. The momentum carried over to Saturday and I qualified on pole, my second of the year. This was crucial as it gave me two extra bonus points towards the championship. After finishing second in Race 1 and Race 2, and ending up with fastest lap in both races, I was 11 points behind the leader heading into the final race of the series. I had a good jump off the line, but unfortunately, I still lost the lead. I regrouped though and squeaked by for the point a couple of laps later. I then went on to lead the rest of the race to take my fourth win of the year. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for the championship, and I came up just short by 3 points.

In the end, it is a tough pill to swallow to lose the championship by the smallest of margins. I cannot help but look back at the races where, if I had finished one position better, the results would have been different. But I am happy with how my first year of car racing went, and I am pleased with my progression. I have a couple of things to iron out so I just need to keep improving!


September 25, 2013

Championship Quest to be Continued...

I'm off to England again for the final round of the 2013 BRSCC Avon Tyres Formula Ford Championship! The race weekend format at the Anglesey Circuit will feature a qualifying session and three races. I sit third in the points, 10 points behind the leader. It will certainly be a tough task to overthrow the leader, but I am up to the challenge. Live timing will be available Saturday and Sunday at A time table is available next to the tab "Track Length". All times are 5 hours ahead of eastern time. Look for me in the Post 89 class!

This past week, my dad and I were in the Charleston area where we did three 6 Simple Machines presentations. The first presentation was given to a group of about 30 home schoolers. The next presentation was at St. Andrew's School of Math and Science with about 125 fifth graders. After the presentation I was literally swarmed and was signing autographs for about 10 minutes which was pretty fun! To close out the day, we did a much smaller group (15-20 kids) at an after school group. Check out the article about 6 Simple Machines here.

Overall, I think everyone really enjoyed the program. Everyone seemed very attentive and excited. Looking forward to doing more!


September 18, 2013

"Luck is where opportunity meets preparation."

That was certainly the case this weekend at Mid Ohio! After being out of a Skip Barber car for six months, it was quite a weird feeling getting back into the seat for the first practice. It's definitely a big transition from a Formula Ford!

Anyway, after a decent Friday practice day, we went straight into qualifying on Saturday morning. I was a bit disappointed with where I ended up in the session (5th), but I didn't have a draft on my fast lap which makes a big difference in the Skippy cars. I didn't have a great start for Race 1 as I fell back a position, but I regained the position and was battling for 4th before a full course caution came out. With just several laps remaining in the race when we went back to green, it was imperative that I had a good start. I did, and I moved up to 3rd which enabled me to keep up with the top 2. With two laps to go, I made a move for the lead, but only moved up to 2nd. On the last lap, I had a great run going into Turn 7, and made my move for the lead. But, the 3rd place runner had an awesome double tow and drafted by me for the lead. With passing opportunities running out, I made an aggressive move going into Turn 11 before the carousel. It stuck and I hung on for the win!

In Race 2, I would start from the pole. However, the front row didn't get a great start and we fell back a bit. I battled my way back up to 5th, but with several laps to go, the leaders tangled and I was in position to take advantage of the opportunity to sweep the weekend!

Definitely a crazy weekend, but I couldn't have had a much better return to Skip Barber. Hopefully the shootout in November will go just as well! A link to the video from Race 1 follows

On a side note, I did not win the Team USA Scholarship. It was an honor to be a part of the program, this being my first year in cars, so I am walking away with my head held high! A big thanks to everyone who is involved in the program and gave me this opportunity.


September 12, 2013

Looking forward to this weekend as I will be back in a Skip Barber car! I will be attending a Summer Series round at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course which looks pretty awesome. My goal is to re-familiarize myself with the car before the Championship Shootout in November. The Shootout will award the winner a Scholarship to compete in the first step of the Mazda Road to Indy, the USF 2000 Series. I'll keep you guys posted.


September 3, 2013

Tough Weekend at Oulton Park

After a great start to the week at the Team USA Scholarship Shootout, I went straight from Tampa to England. After arriving in the UK, I headed directly to Oulton Park for the next round of the BRSCC Formula Ford National Championship.

I was pretty happy with my practice pace as I ended up P1 in the last session. I also had a great start on Saturday as I was quickest in warm-up. In qualifying I wasn't able to keep it at the top of the charts and I ended up fourth, less than a tenth behind the second quickest time. In the race, I had a good start picking up a position to move to P3. I started to run down the top 2, but a safety car came out bunching the field up again. When the safety car went in, I did not have a good restart at all and I fell back to 4th. Once again, I moved up to 3rd and caught up to the leaders. With a couple of laps left, I made an aggressive move for 2nd and it paid off. I chased down the leader who is also my teammate, and made another aggressive move on the last lap in the same spot where I passed for second. Unfortunately it didn't work out and we made contact. I was able to continue to finish 7th.

I had good pace in practice, but I am pretty disappointed with my result. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have tried the move and I feel pretty bad for my teammate as well as the team. On the po, sitive side of things, I have learned some valuable lessons.


August 26, 2013

Super Busy Week

This upcoming week will be keeping me extremely busy. I will be heading down to Andersen RacePark in Florida for the Team USA Scholarship Finals! Super excited for this! Then I catch a flight from Tampa to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Amsterdam, and onto Birmingham, UK where I will be picked up by my "family' at Cliff Dempsey Racing! From Birmingham, we will head to Oulton Park for the next round of the BRSCC Formula Ford National Championship. The race weekend will feature all day practice on Friday, then a warm-up, qualifying, and a race on Saturday. I currently sit 3rd in points counting drops- just 10 points out of first. Coming off the Triple Crown Championship, we are looking to keep up the results! Certainly my busiest week to date, looking forward to it! Official Team USA Scholarship press release follows.


August 8, 2013

Triple Crown Champion!!!

This past weekend my team and I headed to the historic Brands Hatch circuit for my final race while living in England. Going into the weekend, I was the points leader in the Triple Crown - a sub-series within the National Championship that is comprised of Silverstone, Donington Park, and Brands.

Friday was absolutely crazy as there was an epic downpour before the first practice session. There were rivers flowing across the track!!! Thankfully it dried out and we were one of the quickest.

Qualifying on Saturday couldn't have gone much better as I put the car P1 for Race 1! This was my first pole position in cars. I didn't have a good jump off the line and my teammate was able to grab the hole shot. He pulled a little gap, but then I began to run him down. On the last lap, I was within striking distance and I made my move going into Paddock Hill. We almost touched, but I came out leading. I then managed to hang onto the lead for the remainder of the race for my third win in a row (two at Donington last month)! Unfortunately, Race 2 didn't go quite as well. Once again, I had trouble off the line and my teammate jumped to an early lead. For the remainder of the race, I pushed as hard as I could to catch him, but I made a couple of mistakes which enabled him to stretch more of a gap and allowed third place to reel me in. On the last lap, the third place runner made his move to the outside of Paddock Hill and we then went side by side for the next three turns until he wrestled the spot from me. I would end up 3rd. Check out the last couple of laps from the first race at the following link.

I am really happy with the weekend as I was able to come away with the Triple Crown Championship! Also, I am pleased with my improvements over the course of the summer. Thanks to the team (Cliff Dempsey Racing) for all their hard work, all my fans and supporters, and lastly "mum" and dad! Looking forward to the next one!


August 6, 2013

Robinson Continues Winning Streak at Brands Hatch

American Skylar Robinson competed this past weekend at Brands Hatch for the final round of the BRSCC Triple Crown Championship as well as a BRSCC Formula Ford National Championship round. Coming into the weekend, Robinson was leading the Triple Crown standings and sitting 4th in the National Championship.

The weekend was started off with a Friday practice day. Conditions ranged from monsoon-like to bone dry, but Skylar showed great pace throughout the swaying conditions.

Saturday would host qualifying, Race 1 and Race 2.

Qualifying went well for Skylar as he would put the car on pole by just under a tenth.

The start to Race 1 proved challenging for Robinson as he would not get a good jump off the line and would fall back to second. Throughout the race, Skylar worked feverishly for a way to pass leader. On the last lap, his chance came and he made an aggressive move down the inside going into Paddock Hill. He made it stick and drove a defensive remainder of the lap to take the win for his third consecutive win.

Race 2 was even more challenging. After another poor jump off the line, the young American would once again set his sights on running down the leader. Unfortunately, a couple of mistakes would hinder his progress and drop him back to third where he finished.

Fortunately it was enough to seal the deal on the Triple Crown Championship and lift him up to third in the National Championship.

"I am really happy with my Race 1 result, but I am a little disappointed with Race 2. I made a couple of mistakes which cost me a shot at the win. Big thanks to the team, Cliff Dempsey Racing for all their hard work this weekend. Finally a shout out to all my supporters!"

You can keep up with Skylar on Facebook at Skylar Robinson Motorsports and on Twitter @SRMotorsports6.

July 29, 2013

Brands Hatch, Here I Come

I'm super excited to announce that I have been chosen as a Team USA Scholarship nominee!!! The Team USA Scholarship is put on by Jeremy Shaw and is a great opportunity for young drivers. The scholarship awards two drivers who are sent to England to race in two of the biggest Formula Ford events in the world, the Formula Ford Festival and the Walter Hayes Trophy. This upcoming Friday, I will have a video chat interview with a panel judges including Bryan Herta (IndyCar team owner), Mike Hull (Managing Director at Chip Ganassi Racing), Charlie Kimball and Josef Newgarden (IndyCar drivers and former Team USA Scholarship winners).

Here is a link to the Scholarship website.

Also coming up this weekend is my final race in England for the Summer. I will be at Brands Hatch for another National Championship round. I'm currently fourth in the championship and leading the Triple Crown which is basically a championship with in a championship. It includes the races at Silverstone, Donington Park, and Brands. After a great weekend at Donington, I'm hoping for more of the same!


July 17, 2013

Did the Double at Donington!!!

Had an incredible weekend at Donington Park for the BRSCC National Championship round! We had pretty good speed on the practice day but there were a couple of little things I needed to fix for the races on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, I had a warm-up session where I was quickest. Then, after a qualifying session, I would start the race P4. I didn't have the best of starts and I fell back to 5th, but by the fifth lap, I was up to P1. After me and two others broke away from the rest of the pack, I fell back to 2nd with a couple of laps to go. But luckily for me, the third place runner had a brake problem and took out the leader who was also my teammate. I scooted by for the lead and went on to win my first Formula Ford race in the UK.

For Race 2, I would start P1. I would end up having to defend for most of the race, but I would hold on from heavy pressure for my second race win of the weekend!

It was nothing less than an incredible weekend. Two races and two wins! Big thanks to my team and sponsors, and especially everyone who has supported me through the good and the bad!


July 10, 2013

Donington Park this weekend!

Super excited to get back to Donington Park this weekend for a National round! I had a good test there a couple weeks ago and it will be the first time I won't have to learn a new track during a National weekend. Looking to learn a lot and we will see where I end up!


July 5, 2013

First Formula Ford win still elusive

This past weekend, my team and I went to Oulton Park for a Northern Formula Ford Championship round. I was really excited to come back here because my first Formula Ford race was here so it was a good opportunity to measu, re how much I have improved.

On Friday we had a lot of track time which was nice. I was really quick in the rain, but I was struggling a bit in the dry. Thankfully, I picked up the pace on Saturday in the dry. I qualified 3rd about a tenth off pole. The first race was an "invitational" race for my class, the Post 89 class. This means we would start at the back of the the Pre 90 class after a 30 second gap. I got a great jump off the line and was up to 1st by Turn 1. The top three broke away from the rest of the Post 89 grid and we began to catch a lot of traffic. I didn't have quite the raw speed that the other two in the top 3 had, but I was able to work through traffic and get a gap. During the closing stages of the race I was caught and passed which moved me to 2nd, where I ended up. For the second race, I would once again start 3rd. I had another good start to move up to 2nd. The second race was similar to the first race, just without all the traffic and the fact I ended up 3rd.

I am a little bit disappointed with my results. The good thing though is that I did improve. My next race is July 11-14 at Donington Park. I am really looking forward to going back there!


June 27, 2013

Due to a lack of entries at the Mallory Park race scheduled for last Sunday, I didn't attend. Instead, I will be racing at Oulton Park this weekend, a Northern Championship round. You can follow me live in the Post 89 class on Saturday at Morning warm-up starts at 9:00 GMT, qualifying at 11:45, Race 1 at 14:45, and Race 2 at 16:30. My first race in Formula Ford was here, so I am looking forward to going back and seeing how much I improved!


June 13, 2013

My first visit to the Silverstone Circuit was fun, but quite frustrating. For the third round of the Formula Ford National Championship, we would use the National configuration. The weekend didn't start off very well as I had an engine blow up the first session. However, the team did a great job to put a new engine in and not lose too much track time as I only missed one session. Saturday was a day off as we wouldn't be scheduled to qualify and race until Sunday

On Sunday, we started off with a 15 minute qualifying session. I didn't have a great session and qualified P7 for Race 1. The start of the race went well and picked up a few spots. I then drove up to 4th where I finished the race. For the second race, I would have to start 9th as grid positions were set by each competitors second quickest qualifying time. It would be safe to say that I took the "Balls to the wall" approach and I drove my way up to 3rd by the third lap. Unfortunately, I got a little bit to ambitious trying to make a move for 2nd, which resulted in contact. I continued after dropping back to last and losing massive amounts of time, but with a bent track rod. With the remaining laps, I made my way up to 10th.

I was a bit disappointed with my results. I had some good pace, especially in Race 2, but I made a costly mistake that hurt my chances at a strong finish. My next race is June 23 at the historic Mallory Park. I'll keep you posted!

June 7, 2013

Just arrived here in Silverstone for the second round of the BRSCC Avon Tyres Formula Ford National Championship! I will be staying on an RAF base near the track with my teammate and his family, so it should be fun! I'll post updates about testing tomorrow and the qualifying session and both race on Sunday on my Facebook fan page, Skylar Robinson Motorsports. Also, updates will be posted on Twitter and you can follow me @SRMotorsports6. Looking forward to keeping you updated!

May 17, 2013

After a busy week of testing, simulating, and yes, even studying, the team and I made our way to the Anglesey Circuit in Wales for the second round of the BRSCC Avon Tyres Formula Ford National Championship.

The race weekend at the coastal circuit commenced on Friday with four 20 minute practice sessions. All went well and I was one of the top 5 fastest headed into qualifying on Saturday. Qualifying was tricky as it was in damp conditions. However, I ended up 5th. By the time the first race rolled around, it was dry. I had a good start, and even though I didn't gain any positions, I didn't lose any either. I was able to position myself and make up a couple of spots with in the first couple of laps to move up to 3rd, where I finished. Once again, I would have to start in 5th for Race 2 as the grid was set by your second fastest qualifying lap. Before the race was underway, the track was hit with a large amount of rain, essential guaranteeing that we would be racing in the wet. I had a good start off the line and I jumped up to 4th. Several laps later, I made a move for 3rd and started to run down the two leaders. Luckily, 2nd place made a mistake and went off track moving me into 2nd. However, several laps later, 3rd place got by me and I fell back to 3rd. With several laps to go the top 2 started to battle, enabling me to join the battle for the win on the last lap. I was able to slip by 2nd with two wheels in the wet grass going into the tightest turn on the track. However, he was able to get under me going into the next turn. I then pulled a cross over move and secured 2nd spot. With a slight gap to 1st, I started to try and run down the leader, but I ran out of time and ended up P2.

Overall, I had a much better weekend than the first round at Oulton Park. I felt much more comfortable in the car and I can't wait until the next round at the famed Silverstone Circuit!


May 8, 2013

I will be heading back to the UK for the second round of the BRSCC Avon Tyres Formula Ford National Championship this week. I am super excited and can't wait to "redeem" myself after the last outing at Oulton Park. Before the race weekend commences, I will be doing a half day test at Mallory Park to work on my shifting. Additionally, I will have some more time on the F3 simulator to learn the Anglesey Circuit. The track looks incredible as it is right on the Welsh coast over looking the water. Check out the picture below!

April 17, 2013

As soon as the Skip Barber weekend ended, we were off to England for the first round of the BRSCC Avon Tyres Formula Ford Championship. Since we arrived several days before the race weekend started, we took the time to prepare for the weekend.

On Tuesday, the team and I made a custom fitted seat for the car. This involves an expanding foam mixture which forms to your body so you don't move around in the car.

Wednesday was my first day on track in the Formula Ford. The day went well besides a couple of problems we had with the engine misfiring.

Thursday started off with a trip to the West-Tec F3 simulator. The sim involved a carbon fiber F3 tub (in other words, the cockpit), steering wheel, pedals, gear shift lever, and 3 monitors. It was a great way to get some time at the Oulton Park circuit, one of the most challenging in the UK. It was a ton of fun for sure, and it was super cool how you could collect data form the sim and analyze it the way you would at the track. After that, we swung by an English McDonald's before we headed to Oulton. The rumors are true, their Medium drinks are smaller than our Small drinks!

Friday was my first full day in the car. It started off wet, but dried out as the day went on. I made progress throughout the day which I was pleased with, but I was having trouble getting used to the H-pattern gear box. The Skip Barber cars have a sequential, which means the gear shift lever just goes straight forward and backward.

Saturday was race day with qualifying and two races. I had a solid qualifying effort putting the car P5 for my first Formula Ford race, At the start of the first race, I fell back a bit as I didn't have a good jump off the line as it was my first standing start. I fell back to 6th or 7th, but I drove my way back up to the battle for 3rd. After making my way up to 3rd on the last lap, I messed up a down shift and spun. I was able to continue, but I fell back to 7th were I finished. Race 2 didn't go any better. After a much better start, I started to move my way up. Continuing to get faster and faster every lap, I feel that I had a good shot at the podium. Once I got up to 5th, I made a slight mistake which had a big consequence. I turned up a little bit to early for a turn and the tire barrier at the apex took the right front corner off the car. That pretty much ended my race.

Overall, my trip to England was definitely a success. There are a couple of things I need to work on, especially shifting. But, it was great to work with the team (Cliff Dempsey Racing) and my teammate. I had a great time and I can't wait to go back!

Check out a lap of Oulton!


April, 9, 2013

I traveled to the Sebring International Raceway for the final round of the Skip Barber Winter Series this past weekend. After two rainy practice days, I was ready for some dry racing on Saturday.

I qualified 5th for Race 1. At the start of Race 1, I was able to avoid contact between the 3rd and 1st place drivers and move up to 3rd. But, going into the next turn, I was a bit too cautious trying to avoid a penalty for contact and I was pushed out wide moving me back to 8th. I then made my way back to 3rd within the next few laps. For the remainder of the race, I battle with two others for 3rd and barely missed out on the podium, finishing in 4th. I was able to hold my 4th place starting position for Race 2. Several laps later, the top 3 started to pull away and I ended up battling with 5th. On the last lap, he was able to get around me with help from the massive draft that develops on the long back straight. I finished Race 2 in 5th, but a penalty assigned to the 2nd place finisher moved me up to 4th.

I think I could have been more aggressive on the starts, but I ended up 3rd in the championship with Rookie of the Year and also an entry into the Champions Shootout in which you compete for a USF2000 ride.

Right now, I'm in England and today I was fitted for my seat. Tomorrow, I hit the track for my first time in a Formula Ford, and this weekend will be my first Formula Ford race!


I Love NY 


This week, I will be heading to Watkins Glen in New York for the second round of the F2000 Series.  I currently sit 2nd in points just 1 point behind the leader, so we will be looking for maximum points.  

I have never been to the Glen but it looks like a fun track so I am excited to be racing there.  It's very fast and flowing which I think fits my driving style.  I will have to learn the track very quickly as we will have only two 30 minute practice sessions on Friday before qualifying on Saturday.

Live Timing will be avalible on Saturday and Sunday and possibly Friday. The following link will take you to the Live Timing page:

A schedule of when I will be practicing and racing is also avalible here:  I will be in the F2000 group.

Also, if anyone is interested in coming out, let me know!




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Racing Schedule

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