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New red light camera on Kolb and Speedway already snapping pictures

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By Ana Campos - email

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - Drivers on the eastside could see a flash of light as they speed through Kolb and Speedway now that new red light cameras are activated.

The cameras are functional right now but will not issue citations until the two week grace period is over. For now the cameras will take your picture if you going ten miles over the speed limit or run a red light but it's only a warning.

According to Tucson Police Department Traffic Division, Lt. Lew Bentley, activation of the cameras was delayed until the proper signs alerting drivers were in place.

"The law says there has to be a speed limit sign in between the two photo enforcement signs, that was the problem" Bentley said.

The first photo enforcement sign also needs to be placed 300 feet before the intersection.

Two other intersections with red light cameras will be activated soon in the area. In about two weeks cameras on Grant and Swan should be up and running said Bentley. Soon after that the ones on Craycroft and Broadway will also go on line.

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