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Videos of FBI Giffords' press conferences

104 Sheriff Duke

it's my pleasure to introduce..

as told yesterday all state and local agencies involved in this case, have not only been working

investigation is still far from over- progressing very quickly


Director Muller

105-expresses his condolences


this was an attack against a dedicated servant and its citizens.

other members of the community were there

this was an attack on our institution and our way of life


Jarrod was subdued very quickly and is now in federal custody.. formal charges expected today soon

 gather facts, and find out why someone would commit such an act and any other accomplices

simple goal to piece the facts, answer questions and have justice served.


given this tragedy, our logical precautions are in place to ensure the safety of other officials

no info at this time for other ..

for those on the ground, the work goes on

dedicate all resources to every level of investigation

107-elected officials and citizens we serve are safe.


Qstns.- 1.07

investigation is barely 24 hrs old. cannot speculate

early to give some definite answer


1.08- will not comment on particular laws

in  this case, a weapon purchased in Nov. of last yr.

1.08- Qstnn..-- in regards to accomplices, that is something we are looking at .... all leads

 the accomplice appeared to be entering Safeway..

it is somebody we need to identify

part of 2nd qustn.

-- do believe he will be charged with...

1.10-- I cannot get into the details of  time in custody

 the next step will be to file a complaint of formal charges, not sure when it will occur.

1.10- again can't get into detail about the actions w/him after arrested with the Sheriffs.


1.11-- the indicators that it was purchased in Nov. of 2010 and a glock 9mm.

1.11- the investigators or sheriffs deputies have all the - to conduct a investigation.

working closely in the command center since yesterday afternoon.

 everything being done that no stone goes unturned to that end.


1.12--qstn asked--- yes, I know there are discussion btwn  .. how you would outline these charges

 1.12- I think the facts....


Sheriff Duke - we did say there was a 9 yr old girl that was shot and deceased, what you are saying no knowledge of..


1.13-- purchased at a gun shop in the city. can get you the information later..

-- the package that you refer did not contain any explosives, determined that in no way related to the circumstances in congresswoman Gifford

 1.14 we will determine the purpose of the package.

--I can tell you w/regard to the postings, the news media has, the internet, and in the course of the investigation we will look at those postings. Will be looking at any one of his associates to see if they pose any threat,


1.15- I have seen some, some allusion to that in the media. Clearly that's something we will focus and look on in investigation.

--yes, I believe that we have an indication that he attended a similar event back in 2007.


1.16--I think its premature to say what the motivation was in the individual in this case

the ubiquitous nature of the internet means not only threats, but hate speech and other inciteful speech..

that absolutely presents in a challenge for us,... loan offenders attacks.


1.17- we're still doing the analysis of the computer.

-- it is - it appears the target was the congresswoman.

1.18- -- no I think you have it accurately , we believe he was the shooter -

want to see what he may have seen.-- that not certain about...

---as we showed in the photo the individual in Safeway--


1.19--those issues discussed down the road once charges are filed.

.--I can assure you that the issue is being discussed in the hall of congress

1.20-- in the FBI I refer complaints .... pursue to the end, individual does not constitute...

 capitol police working w/congressmen and senators,  what steps may  be taken for the future


1.21--the charges are expected to be filed today on the assault on congresswoman and killing

additional charges on terror charges, as investigation continues.



1.21-- David Gonzalez- US Marshall state of AZ

1.21--my role is to determine if there was organized plots on the judges...

1.22--I think the direc addressed the issue of the weapon. 9mm glock.

 don't have names of ppl involved.

when the gentleman ran out of ammunition of the 1st magazine, a woman went up and grabbed the magazine and tore it away from him

while trying to put another magazine in , he was successful , w/31 bullets, in it. fortunately the spring and magazine failed, and the 2 gentlemen were able to subdue until law enforcement showed up




Sheriff- there are 6 deceased and a total of 20 ppl shot.

1.24--gives polish pronunciation.

-- she grabs the magazines, is able to insert the other one, but it doesn't' fire, 2 men able to get the gun.

the woman also wounded when she did this.

1.24-she was trying to get gun away from him.

1.25- well when the investigation is completed we will be able to answer qstsn smore specifically

 shooting began about 10 minutes after 10.

we don't' know how he got there at this point.

1.25--we are still searching for the person of interest, but satisfied that this person may not have been involved.

but still want to talk w/him.

1.26--no qstn about that-- as director mentioned some mtgs will be taking place about protecting ppl in Washington

unless some specific requests, ....

1.28--im not saying either

after press conference the attorneys and

we have decided to release this picture as  a person of interest

it will appear to us that this person may not have participated at all. but still actively seeking this individual

1.29- some correspondence btwn offices, -- invited to attend.   yes, 2007

only when there are threats if I understand that correctly.

----he had some issues he wanted to discuss; some issues w/the congresswoman

took the opportunity to discuss business.

1.30-still actively searching -- we will find out.

-- he was very nearby, ah Gabrielle..

well, I don't know answer to that.

--- I have to vacillate between.-- extreme sadness, sorrow, and shock, and extreme anger...

1.31-- I think when the rhetoric about hatred, mistrust of govertnment, and paranoia about how government works , has impact on ppl , especially those who are unbalanced personalities to begin with.

1.32-- I have never been a proponent of letting everygoby in this state carry weapons where ever they are.

the legislatures are now discussing students and teachers to carry guns.

but that's the ridiculous state to where we have become.

1.33- she was shot before grabbing the weapon..

--its an everyday issue for the entire world. we have very serious problems in this community.

back in my cop beat, we put ppl in the system.. today we are paying the price for it.



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