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Vegetable Quiche - Frogs Organic Bakery

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Vegetable Quiche - Frogs Organic Bakery

The recipe is for 12 slices uses metric measurements

organic flour      500 g
butter                300g
salt                    8g
sugar                 6g
organic eggs      2
organic milk        100g
20 eggs
half a liter of cream
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper
2 pinches of nutmeg
onions                 200g
bell peppers        100g
green peppers    100g
mushrooms         200g
zucchini               200g
garlic                   3 cloves
shredded swiss cheese  200g
1 combine flour, sugar, salt, butter and mix until together
2 slowly add eggs and milk to form dough
3 roll out 1/4 " inch thick and place it in oiled baking pan ( 9 X 13 inch)
4 blind bake by placing parchment paper and beans for 45-50 min at 375 F
5 shell should be slightly undercooked and crust will be golden in color when finished
6 remove parchment paper and beans
7 cover bottom of shell with cheese
8 sautee vegetables in light olive oil
9 put one layer of vegetables on top of cheese
10 mix eggs, cream and seasoning
11 put the remaining vegetables
12 bake for 50 min to one hour
13 rest to cool
14 cut and enjoy with your family and friends

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