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Contrail Controversy


(Text of the story which is presented in video.) 

We've seen the roadside signs...We've gotten the emails... 

Some people are worried, and are on a mission to tell everyone. 

The theories about these so-called "chemtrails" are vast:  solar radiation management, population control, weather control, or biological and chemical warfare.

Chris Haskill.. is a Tucson Resident… heading the movement here on chemtrails.

"They are spraying barium aluminum powder and they are doing this to control the weather."

Does the government have a clandestine plan to control the weather?  It is fact that the government has thought about and experimented with weather modification.  However, it is also fact that the air force has stated on more than one occasion that they are "not conducting any weather modification experiments or programs and (have) no plans to do so in the future."

This whole thing started in 1996 when the Air Force released a paper, unclassified, that examined weather modification as one method of remaining a world Superpower in the year 2025.

I've read the paper, and read it again, and again. The paper clearly states "This report contains fictional representations of future situations/scenarios."  The goal was to, if you will, think outside the box, to imagine a world in 2025 in a way that takes into account the unimaginable changes that have happened in the recent past.  Think microwave oven, computers, cell phones. Those are relatively recent developments that at one time seemed mythical.  So was the goal of this 1996 paper:  to "imagine" the world in 2025.  That imagined world included weather modification.

So, was that 1996 paper telling?  Did it give away secret plots to spray the atmosphere and us?

Here's how a contrail, the scientific name for these things, forms:

Jet exhaust has water vapor in it.  Planes fly way high, where the air is very cold.  Cold air forces the moisture in the exhaust to condense, forming man-made trails of cloud particles.

Why are they there some days and not others?  Why do they sometimes look like planned patterns?

The upper atmosphere has to be just moist enough that the contrail doesn't evaporate as soon as it forms. That happens sometimes, but not always.

The patterns that chemtrail proponents say look planned are simply the paths that American airspace follows.  Airspace is generally gridded into north-south paths.

"Anybody can take a look at the skies for themselves and tell the difference between what is a contrail and what is a 50 mile path of ... spray that ...  turns into a cloud."

Need more opinions?  They are all over the net.  But, here's the opinion of the leader of the Ua's Atmospheric Science program:

"They are formed out of water vapor from the jet exhaust," says Dr. Betterton, from the UA Atmospheric Science Department.

The paper released by the Air Force in 1996 was mysterious sounding. Perhaps it's only natural that if a military organization releases a fantastical paper wherein the contributors were asked to fantasize about such things as weather modification that some members of the public wig out about it.

"There is no conspiracy," assures Dr. Betterton.

Call them crazy or buy into their theories.  They are there, and they likely aren't hushing up any too quickly.


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