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FBI: Tucson businessman linked to victims in three attacks

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TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - Lost or stolen IDs were found at three Tucson homes that were attacked, including one hit in a 2009 chlorine gas attack, according to the FBI.

The information is in a search warrant and affidavit that KOLD News 13 obtained Thursday, listing what was found in the home of Tucson businessman Todd Fries who is charged with the 2009 attack.  

The FBI documents contain information about the other two homes that were targeted in a similar way, one in April, and another in November 2008.

The FBI says all the victims had been dissatisfied customers of Fries'.

Two days after the 2009 attack, someone called the Tucson FBI office to implicate a man whose ID was found at the scene of the attack.

The agent who took the call, according to the affidavit, noted that, although the woman claimed to be a Mexican national, "she spoke perfect English without any accent."

"Moreover, during the conversation, the agent believed the person who claimed to be (the woman) was a man attempting to disguise his voice as female."

The FBI says it discovered the call was made from a Tucson business where employees told agents they had seen a man, they didn't know, using the phone.

"Agents were able to retrieve the last two numbers dialed on the phone used by the individual. Those numbers were positively identified as belonging to the Tucson FBI office.

"Latent fingerprints were lifted from the telephone handset and positively identified as being the right index finger of Todd Fries," according to the affidavit.

A woman's driver's license, debit card and other documents were found during a May 13 search at Fries' home, 5560 W. El Camino del Cerro, according to the warrant.

Investigators found IDs and other documents that had been reported lost or stolen at or near all three attacks, according to the warrant.

A woman's check was found at one crime scene, the warrant says and "a latent fingerprint detected on the check was identified as belonging to Todd Fries."

And in the incident this past April, agents found a woman's ID at the scene. The warrant says FBI agents "learned that she had lost her drivers license and a credit card in December 2010."

The warrant links Fries to the 2008 attack.

"A fingerprint belonging to Todd Fries was identified on one of the buckets seized at the scene" of the 2008 attack, according to the FBI.

When the FBI searched Fries' West Side property on May 13, agents were looking for chemicals and other items found at the scene of the chlorine gas attack.

While they found receipts for chemicals, no large amounts of chemicals were found.

The warrant indicates they also found "miscellaneous books about lock picking, revenge, I-D theft, explosives and demolitions."

The U.S. Attorneys office for Arizona has said more charges could be filed in this case.

Fries is being held without bail.

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