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Flash flood threat high in and around burned areas

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - Wildfires across Southeast Arizona have "significantly changed the hydrology" in burned areas, according to the Tucson National Weather Service. 

Flash Flood Risk Report - Tucson National Weather Service

This includes areas in and around the remains of the Wallow Fire (White Mountains), Monument Fire (Huachuca Mountains), Horseshoe 2 Fire (Chiricahua Mountains), and Murphy Complex Fire (Patagonia Lake State Park). 

Locations downhill and downstream of the burned areas are at a higher risk of flash flooding because of the lack of vegetation to that slows the movement of water downhill. 

According to the Tucson National Weather Service, severely burned areas can also act as water-repellent as pavement. 

Greater and more rapid runoff can pick up large amounts of ash, sand, silt, rocks and burned vegetation, creating a debris flow that can damage and destroy culverts, bridges, roadways, and buildings. 

It will also wipe away cars caught in the flow.

Stay alert to the possibility and immediate threat of flash floods by tuning to KOLD News 13 and monitoring KOLD.com/monsoon.

For those concerned about the flood threat, flood insurance backed by the federal government can be purchased at a reduced rate outside of federally mapped flood zones. 

Most home insurance policies do not cover flood damage from natural causes. 

However, flood insurance policies take 30 days to go into effect.

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