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Torrence to receive pension of $80K per year


Even though he plans to resign next week, taxpayers might still be outraged by what's coming to Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk David Torrence.

Despite everything the Channel 4 I-Team exposed, despite his own admission he took off large amounts of time during the work week to golf and work in his yard, Torrence will still make a sizeable pension when he retires.

Metro Council members are bracing for more public outcry. After earning a large salary in his long career, Torrence's pension will be more than $80,000 a year, even after he admitted he only worked three days a week since last August. We found he was out of the office nearly half of 2010.

Torrence filed his application for pension Wednesday.

After a Channel 4 I-Team investigation exposed the hundreds of days he was taking off during the work week, the hiring of his two sons without advertising the positions and using a county-issued car to run personal errands, he decided to retire early.

He wants his pension to start July 16, making his last day of work next Friday.

It's an about face from May when Torrence told the I-Team that he would not resign.

Councilman Charlie Tygard introduced a resolution asking Torrence to resign.

"There was such anger and fury over the I-Team report over David's actions that he lost all credibility," said Tygard. "I think this is the best situation."

Despite admitting to the Channel 4 I-team he had only worked three days a week since last August, Torrence still wants his estimated pension of $6,679 per month - that equals out to more than $80,000 per year.

"I think there will be outrage over his full pension that he will be receiving when taxpayers realize they will be funding the pension for a gentleman who didn't work many hours," said Tygard.

As for Torrence's sons, who were hired for jobs in their dad's office even though the positions were never advertised, it's uncertain if they will stay on.

"They serve at the pleasure of whoever runs the office," said Tygard. "Whether the next Criminal Court Clerk chooses to keep them remains to be seen."

Torrence's secretary said Thursday Torrence had no comment.

It will be up to the Metro Council to appoint Torrence's temporary replacement. Election officials are not trying to determine when voters will choose the next Criminal Court Clerk. It could be in an election next year.

Torrence's term as Criminal Court Clerk was set to expire in 2014.

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