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Governor may move GOP primary

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With only two days until the deadline, Governor Jan Brewer seemed to say she's leaning towards moving the state's Republican Presidential primary from February 28th to January 31st.

That's significant because if Arizona moves, then those states which have an early contest, like New Hampshire and Iowa, would move earlier too.

By the time Nevada and South Carolina are added in the mix, it means one of the contests could move into December, 2011.

Brewer was in Tucson to address the Arizona League of Cities and Towns. She did not mention it during her 15 minute address but was asked about it afterwards.

"There are still a couple of discussions, tonight and maybe tomorrow where we'll talk about it," she told a group of reporters.

But she also added that Arizona has been in the forefront of so many issues, like healthcare and immigration, that maybe we should be in the mix of presidential candidates.

"We can get the spotlight for the west," she said.

Brewer also believes it will make people on a national level aware of Arizona.

"I think it would behoove the candidates to come to Arizona and talk about the issues which are important to us," she said.

The GOP party rules don't permit the state to move it's primary into January so if the Governor decides go do so, it means Arizona would lose have its convention delegates as a punishment.

State lawmakers say she must make a decision 150 days from the date which means Saturday would be the January 31st deadline.

Rather than move the primary, the GOP could offer a presidential debate but Brewer doesn't seem to be interested in that.

"I'm anxious to see how I can Arizona in the forefront," she said.


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