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Would your kitchen pass the cleanliness test?

Before you sit down and eat dinner - check this out. Your kitchen may look clean, but a recent study says many home kitchens would fail a routine health inspection.

The Health Department says poor hand washing and how we handle meats that often times end up leaving behind bacteria that we can't see and makes us sick.

When it comes to your own home kitchen, do you think yours would pass the same safety standards the health department uses for restaurant kitchens?

A new study shows that one in seven home kitchens wouldn't pass a restaurant inspection.

"People go by the old info they learned from their aunts and grandmothers - still thawing meats and chicken on the counters and mixing their meats and veggies in the refrigerator," says Paul Desario of the Cuyahoga County, Ohio Health Department.

Food temperature is another biggie. Cold foods need to be kept at 41 degrees or lower. Hot foods like chicken needs to be at 165 degrees and beef at 155 degrees.

Countertops also need to be properly sanitized. And remember: The "30-second rule" never applies. No matter how fast you pick something up off the floor, you need to throw it out!

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