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What's for lunch: Agedashi tofu recipe


This week we featured a dish from Bush Sushi.

Agedashi tofu is a fried tofu dish in a tempura sauce soup. It's garnished with ginger, green onions, bonito flakes( dried shaved tuna), and dried seaweed strips. Two pieces of shishito pepper come with the dish as well. Very simple to make besides the topping all that is required is potato starch and the tempura sauce.

Bush Sushi

4689 East Speedway Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85712-4633
(520) 325-6552

Seven pieces per serving.

Recipe breakdown:

1 package soft tofu

Potato starch or corn starch

Grated ginger

Finely chopped green onions

Bonito flakes ( dried shaved tuna)

Dried seaweed strips

2 pieces shishito pepper or any other personal preference

Take package of tofu and cut in half , take both halves and divide into two and cut into three equal pieces. Coat with potato starch and fry at 350 for two or three minutes depending on how crisp you want it. In a soup bowl make a pyramid with tofu, stack in four two one order Pour Tempura sauce over tofu pieces top with ginger, green onions, bonito flake and seaweed strips. Place two pieces of peppers into soup broth and serve.

Tempura sauce recipe:

4 cups water

1 cup soy sauce

1 cup mirin ( sweet cooking sake)

1 1/4 tablespoon hon dashi ( bonito flavored soup stock)

1/4 tablespoon sugar

Bring all ingredients to slight boil


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