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Gas pump handles top icky, germy list

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - When it comes to germs, what's the dirtiest thing you end up touching every day?

A new study released Tuesday will probably get you to wash your hands more often.

It's something to consider the next time you push those buttons to get food out of a vending machine.

And what we're about to tell you probably will get your mind off high gasoline prices the next time you go to the pump.

There's a new study on some of the germiest, filthiest things we touch in our every day lives.

You actually already might have figured this one out.

The gas pump handle is a germ haven.

It's the worst of the worst in a new study.

Kimberly Clark Professional joined forces with University of Arizona microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba to do a survey, and basically measure germs on things we touch in our daily lives.

They found nearly three-quarters of gas pump handles are highly contaminated with the kinds of germs that can make us sick.

Next on the list, the handle on that mailbox where you drop off your letters and packages.

What you pick up there could send you to the doctor.

The study found 68% of the handles were contaminated.

Here's one we've told you about before.

Vile germs are riding nearly half of escalator rails tested.

What about ATM's?

You could withdraw more than money the next time you hit the buttons on an ATM.

They were just a bit less icky than escalator rails.

Next on the list, parking meters or kiosks.

And the next time you buy a snack from a vending machine, you'll definitely want to wash your hands before you eat it.

The study found 35% of vending machine buttons were crawling with germs.

That is tied with the crosswalk buttons we push when we want to cross the street.

No one is going to clean those gas pump handles or ATM machines, and germs are part of our world.

So, it's like Dr. Gerba always says, the best defense we have is to always wash our hands.


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