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Empire teacher's enthusiasm "really rubs off"

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VAIL, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

KOLD News 13 is giving teachers some of the recognition they deserve.

We're teaming up with the University of Arizona Athletics Department and Circle K to honor nine exceptional high school teachers.

Christine In-Albon observes as her students show elementary kids how our ecosystem works.

Using strings and posters they learn about the food chain.

Ms. In-Albon brings science to life by showing students the wonders of their own back yard.

"We're living in a time now with such dramatic environmental changes, it's intriguing to teach it because you have all this real world example to pull in and use."

Her environmental science class takes frequent field trips to the Cienega Creek watershed.

Students use what they learn in the classroom to protect an endangered species of leopard frogs.

Student Sirtag Singh said, "She's always leading the pack into the wilderness. We just go out and collect data. She's always like the leader and she's always enthusiastic and it really rubs off on everyone else."

Ms. In-Albon has been teaching in the Vail School District for 15 years.

She says her students' enthusiasm motivates her.

"Every time you can provide them with a new opportunity or to do something. You watch the light bulb go off in their head.. Oh ok. That's what you're supposed to be doing."

Students say she's patient and doesn't give up on anyone.

Tia Cookenmaster said, "She cares about us truly as individuals. I feel that she wants each of us to succeed. She has our best interest in mind."

Lukas Johnson adds, "She always holds us to a higher standard than what we think we can do."

While the world may view teenagers as being self-centered, she sees a different side of them.

"They want to make a change. They want to do something. It's inspiring to me to know they can create that change and do it."

Before teaching at Empire High School, Ms. In-Albon spent six years working in Mexico, working on the release of Olive Ridley sea turtle hatchlings.

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