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Another Tucson family faces unusually high water bill

Tucson Water says every meter is read every month. Tucson Water says every meter is read every month.
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

We introduced you to Reilene Kaylor, a Tucson woman, who received a water bill of more than $1,000.  After we told her story, viewers reached out to us by phone, email and social media wanting to tell us about their similar experiences.

Damacio Garcia is one of them.  He has been living in his Southside home more than 50 years and just this past month he got his biggest water bill ever.

"It's unreal. We've never paid that much and we're not using anymore water then we did before, said Damacio Garcia.

His bill was $217 when it's generally around $80.

"I was told that I had a leak, or the toilet was leaking or a leak that we didn't notice, and its not, its not leaking at all," said Garcia.

"When you call the City of Tucson, they make you believe there's a water leak somewhere.  So then people will spend lots of money to find out where the water is leaking at. Whether it's leaking or not," said Mike Motzin, who owns Pioneer Plumbing in Tucson.

Motzin has been in the plumbing business for more than 30 years. He says mystery readings happen often. He says its because Tucson Water doesn't have enough people to read every meter, every month.

"If they are not reading the meter for a period of months, finally when they do read the meter they'll find out the family has used a lot more water then what they've been billed for. So in order to collect for that water, they have to send you an outrageous water bill," said Motzin.

A Tucson Water spokesperson says they do read every meter, every month. The only exception is when the meter is not accessible and when that happens they take an estimate based on historic usage.

Whatever the answer may be, for families like the Garcias, it can definitely be a financial struggle.

"I'm on a fixed income and there are only 3 of us in this house, so we can't be using that much water," said Garcia.

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