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The disappearance of Jessica Nuanez

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A single mother of two small children, Jessica Nuanez had just moved back to Tucson to try and get her life back together.

And all was apparently going quite well, we're told, until a mysterious fire in her south-side apartment changed everything.

That was October 5th, 2011.  Jessica Nuanez hasn't been seen since.

"She was not located a the time of the fire or the subsequent investigation into the cause of the fire," says Tucson Police Sgt. Maria Hawke.

That fire happened inside unit 2112 at the San Marin Apartments located at 5650 South Park.  Authorities responded at about 1:20 PM that day.

The exact cause of the fire or who may have started it remain unanswered questions to this day.

But what's vividly clear is this woman's family is worried sick.

And they have every reason to be considering what's taken place.

"We've had zero activity on her cell phone, no activity on her bank account, credit card, things of that nature," Sgt. Hawke says.

What's more is that Nuanez has had no contact with her two small children.

It's one thing to run from your problems.

It's something altogether different to leave your kids behind.

That's why police haven't ruled out anything at the point, including the possibility of foul play.

"We don't have the specific understanding of what exactly happened to her ... and for that reason we're reaching out to the public and reminding them we're still looking for this individual," Sgt. Hawke says.

Another point of interest is the vehicle Nuanez was driving: a 2003-model H2 Hummer, champagne in color, with temporary Arizona license plate 9P08D4.

It too was last seen in parking lot of the apartment complex, the same day as the fire.

If you have any information about Jessica Nuanez or her missing SUV -- call 911 or 88 Crime, the Pima County Attorney's anonymous tip line.

"This is just extremely unusual for her," Sgt. Hawke says.  "Her family and friends miss her desperately.  Her kids want to see their mom.  So we're extending every effort that we can to try and locate her as quickly as possible."

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