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The Ove Glove

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Most people use a standard oven mitt or 'pot holder' when it comes to getting something hot out of the oven or off our stovetop. But now there's a brand new product on the market that claims to be much better than your standard, everyday oven mitt. The 'Ove Glove' touts that it can withstand temperatures of up to 540 degrees all without allowing the person wearing it to get burned.  It even claims to be the way to go when it comes to cooking over open flames such as on your barbeque grill. This week we 'Try It Before You Buy It!'  

The 'Ove Glove' is suppose to be the next hot item for the kitchen saving you burns from grabbing that hot pan from out of the oven or a steamy casserole dish from the microwave. It claims to even be safe to use while cooking on the grill, yea, seems to almost be too good to be true doesn't it? You can check out the claims in the 'Ove Glove' commercial here.

The 'Ove Glove' is made from Kevlar and Nomex. It's suppose to protect your hands from temperatures as high as 540 degrees. It also has silicone strips embedded in the glove to add extra grip for handling slippery dishes and other types of glass bake ware.  Unlike the standard 'pot holder', the 'Ove Glove' has five fingers just like a regular glove. I found this to be one of the plus' of the product as it adds the extra handling ability you sometimes need when handling hot dishes. You can also wear the product on either your left or right hands!

Now for the tests. First, I tried the 'Ove Glove's ability to withstand heat from a 450 degree oven. I placed a pan of tater tots in the oven for 25 minutes. Once they were done I used the glove to grab the pan out of the oven. It worked just as well as a normal oven mitt, until it came to holding the hot pan for a little bit. I had to put the pan down after no more than fifteen seconds! This would not be good if you were trying to hold a hot dish to pass out servings to family and friends.

However, I found the 'Ove Glove' to do very well when it came to changing a hot light bulb. The five finger design of the glove makes it very easy to grab onto the bulb and twist it out of the socket.

The microwave test was a little bit of a challenge. Unless you have two 'Ove Gloves', you will still need an oven mitt or pot hold to assist in removing a hot casserole dish or other hot container from the microwave.

So did the 'Ove Glove' pass our tests? Well, it is good at keeping the burn away when changing a hot light bulb. I can see where it would also be good when grilling over open flames. The product works well as an oven mitt, but when it comes to holding a hot dish for any real length of time longer than about 15 The anti-slip grip on the glove itself appears to work well on hot glassware.

So, in the end the one part I was least impressed with was the 'Ove Gloves' inability to allow me to hold a hot pan for more than just a few seconds. Otherwise, not a bad product if you'd like to spend upwards of $10 or more for an oven mitt.

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