Opinions mixed over 'Get Motivated' seminar at TCC

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - With tickets as low as $1.95 per person, the idea was to pack as many people as possible inside the Tucson Convention Center.

So from an attendance standpoint alone, organizers of the "Get Motivated" seminar must have been pretty pleased with Wednesday's turnout at TCC.

We don't know the official number of people who came to the event, though some estimated a crowd as large as 7,000 people.

And why not, considering motivational speakers like General Colin Powell, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Super Bowl Champion quarterbacks Kurt Warner and Terry Bradshaw, just to name a few.

"I'm gonna go on a quest and I'm gonna try and figure out what it is that makes great people great," said former Arizona Cardinal quarterback Kurt Warner as he took center stage. "That's what I set out to do."

Precisely why thousands of people around the United States attend "Get Motivated" events like this one: to get advice from some of the most successful people in our country today.

"General Powell was excellent...his speech was excellent," said somewhat-pleased attendee George Nichols. "(Steve) Forbes' speech was excellent, too."

We say somewhat pleased, because a number of folks had to stand in line up to three hours just to get in.

That sent dozens of people home without seeing a single speaker. Phoenix area resident Tanya Davenport was one of them.

"So you're a little upset about the way things are unfolding?" KOLD asked Davenport after she'd been in line for two hours and 45 minutes.

"I am…this is ridiculous--and that's why we're leaving."

She's certainly not alone. We spoke to a lot of people Wednesday who were either unhappy with the seminar or downright disgusted.

"I think it was a poorly organized operation," said George Nichols, who left the event after seeing only two speakers. "First come first serve does not work for something like this."

Again, we don't know the official attendance figures, though the event appeared to be overbooked based on the number of people waiting to get in.

That said, once inside, people could not leave the event without losing their seats.

For some, that alone wasn't worth the wait…or the price of admission which in Roger Haines' case was $22 for his entire office.

"That's just for the tickets. But the amount of money I'm paying my employees to be here...that's a different story," Haines said.

Still, some people got exactly what they were looking for by attending "Get Motivated."

"I took away that you have to care for people, you have to treat them with respect," said Donna Liggins as she exited the event.

That's what she gained by listening to General Colin Powell, a personal hero of Liggins, whom she finally got a chance to see, face to face.

"Because I think he's a powerful person," Liggins said. "I think he's very fair, honest person. I think he's done a great thing for this community, this world in general...and I wanted to see him in person."

This was the first "Get Motivated" event nationally in 2012.

The next is set for January 24th in Las Vegas.

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