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Sniffling & sneezing? Find out what's in the air

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Spring is peak pollen season for the desert. While the mild Arizona weather means plants can grow year-round, much of the desert flora peaks their pollen production is in spring. 

Day-to-day there is generally not a major change in the amount of pollen in the air, however over the season the types of pollen changes as plants go in and out of their bloom cycles. As temperatures rise into summer, pollen levels as a whole start to drop. When desert temperatures go up, the plants' flowering stages wind down. 

For allergy sufferers the worst days to be outside are windy days. Pollen levels also build up little by little between precipitation events. If you suffer from allergies, the best days to be outside are right after it rains because the precipitation helps clean some of the dust, dirt, and pollen out of the air.

The University of Arizona Health Sciences Center has a Pollen Calendar for Tucson and the surrounding desert so you can track what pollen is affecting your sinuses through the year.  

Tucson Urban Pollen Calendar

Tucson Desert Pollen Calendar

Source: University of Arizona

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