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Grout Bully

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Maintaining clean looking grout around your tile can be a major chore. But now the 'Grout Bully' wants to come to your rescue with claims it can take any old grout no matter how filthy with dirt or mildew, and within minutes make it look like you just spent hundreds on a new grout job. This week I "Try It Before You Buy It" to see if it works.

I really didn't want to test the 'Grout Bully' in my home bathroom because it's just too much of a mess. So instead, I picked the Men's dressing room here at the station where there's a ton of filthy grout in between the old tiles on both the floor and walls.

In the package you'll find one bottle of 'Grout Bully' along with two 'Bully Erasers' to use to wipe away the solution when you're done with the 'quick fix'.  What is not included is a pair of rubber or latex gloves. You'll need those in order to avoid getting the grout solution on your hands.

The directions say to take the 'Grout Bully' applicator and trace along the grout lines of what your trying to restore, all the while pushing down and gently squeezing the applicator bottle. You want to make sure you completely fill the grout line. After application, let the solution stand for at least two full minutes. Then wipe away the excess with one of the two 'bully erasers.' Don't make the same mistake I did the first time I tried the product. After watching the TV commercial and reading the printed directions, I was under the impression you were to completely wipe away the grout solution, even in the original grout lines. WRONG! You don't wipe away any of the solution in the grout lines. It's basically acting as a 'cover-up' to go over your old original grout.  I found that out later when I tested the product on my shower tile at home.

After performing the test in the station's Men's dressing room I was less than impressed. The 'Grout Bully' didn't appear to restore the grout to its original luster. However, the original grout wasn't white either. It was a darker, green color. Not to mention the fact I misunderstood the directions and wiped ALL the grout solution out of the tile!  Later when I tested the product at home I found that it worked a little better when used properly.  Keep in mind, this is a cover-up technique and it takes at least two full hours for the product to dry to the point where you can get the tile wet.

The 'Grout Bully' costs about $10 and comes in two colors, white and brown. In my opinion, it does an ok job if you're looking to cover up dingy tile grout instead of actually cleaning it. That could take a little longer than using the 'Grout Bully.' If you have ten dollars and some patience, you might enjoy giving it a try.

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