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Fix a Leak Week for Tucson Water

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A small water leak, drip, drip, drip from the faucet can add $40 dollars annually to the water bill.

A leaky toilet can add $500 a year.

Most people don't know their toilet leaks but one out of three in Tucson do.

That's why Tucson water wants people to fix a leak around their house.

That, and the fact some Tucson residents have had surprise $1,000 water bills.

There's some question whether those bills are the result of a faulty water meter or an undetected leak. But either way, the homeowner must pay the bill.

Some water users are reluctant to call out a plumber at $80 an hour or more.

And while there are times when a plumber is needed, many small leaks can be fixed by following a simple do-it-yourself video.

Tucson Water has a series of links for that too.


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