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Crews search lake for clues in Celis case

Pima County Search and Rescue took to the water Thursday in the search for clues in the Isabel Celis case.  They scoured the waters of Lakeside park near Pantano and Stella on Tucson's southeast side.

"It sounds like there trying to set up some kind of grid in here," says visitor Mike Hoger.  "Because they were talking about making a line."

The sight of officers searching for signs of Isabel Celis turned the tone from calm to tense.

"Especially when they would say stop the pontoon boat or whatever it is.  Or just stop and poke with their sticks, and you just wonder if she's in there, but you hope that she's not."

In a press conference Thursday Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villasenor would not be specific about what crews were looking for.

"I think we'd be remiss if we didn't search all of those areas that could be possibly be a location that hides evidence," said Villasenor.

Crews showed up at the park around 5:30pm Thursday with tools that looked like underwater camera lenses and small buoys.  

"I think they're working with something like a camera system, maybe like a sonar," suggested visitor Tammy Heier.

Visitor LeeAnna Hammons described the scope of the search area.

"They went around that side of the lake first all the way around, backed up a couple times over there," says Hammons.  She says she also saw them search the southern part of the lake which is separated from the north side by a concrete barrier.

There seemed to be a sense of anxiety for all who watched.

"I hope the little girl's alive and they find her.  Safe return is always the best wish," said Hammons.

The lake at Lakeside park is about 14 acres wide and more than 30 feet deep.  No word yet on whether crews will return to the area and resume searching tomorrow.

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