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Isabel's parents: Not having her back extremely frustrating

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Sergio and Rebecca Celis have stayed mostly out of the spotlight until recently. Sergio and Rebecca Celis have stayed mostly out of the spotlight until recently.
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The parents of a missing Tucson girl sat down with local media for about 40 minutes today to answer questions about the case.

Isabel Celis' parents, Sergio and Rebecca Celis, have stayed mostly out of the spotlight until recently.

She was reported missing on April 21.

"Within 10 minutes of not seeing her ... 911 was called," Sergio said.

Sergio said the police urged them to be careful the first few days, not to get out on camera, but have encouraged them to do so since. Later in the interview he clarified that he was never told to not speak to the media.

Rebecca started by saying, "My heart is breaking all the time. I cry by myself. I break down by myself. I'm sorry. That's just the way I am."

She said they can't understand why Isabel, 6, would be a target. She doesn't know of any enemies.

"What did we do? How did we make Isabel a target?" she asked.

Everybody loves her daughter, Rebecca said.

"That little girl is so special in too many hearts," she said. "There is nobody who has ill will."

As for the night before she was reported missing, they said no one beyond immediate family was in the house.

"The only people that were with us was our immediate family," Sergio said.

Sergio thanked the media for constantly staying with the story. He said they've thought of everything they can, but don't know who or why anybody would take Isabel.

"It's extremely frustrating not having her back," he said.

About their other children, the Celises said they are hanging on, but the case is wearing on them.

"It's taking a toll," Sergio said. "It's wonderful to see them when they smile."

They are trying to get the children back in school next week and they did play in a Little League baseball game.

"We're leaving it up to them," Sergio said.

Although they said they are uncomfortable being in the spotlight, they said they would be in front of the cameras more.

"We are going to start being out in front," Rebecca said. "Isa, you know Mommy and Daddy love you very much."

Sergio also had a message for Isabel, "We want you back.... We will not stop looking for you."

They would not discuss their polygraph tests, saying they aren't allowed to discuss specifics like that.

The family said they have not hired an attorney.

"There is nothing we need an attorney for," Rebecca said. "There is nothing more we need than our friends and God."

Sergio Celis, who works as dental surgical assistant, said his office is being "extremely supportive" about when he'll return to work. Rebecca said she isn't sure when she'll go back to work as nurse.

"I want to be by the phone waiting for a call with good news."

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