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Celis 911 call: 'Someone broke in and grabbed her'

Rebecca Celis Rebecca Celis
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

911 call


A = Son

A2 = Rebecca Celis

Q - Tucson Police, Figueroa.

A – Hey, I need you guys to come down. My sister's gone uh, someone broke in and grabbed her. We're on 5602 East 12th Street. Hurry and that…

Q – Okay, what is your name?

A – (Redacted by Tucson News Now).

Q – Okay, we have a call in place. Officers are on their way already.

A – Okay

Q – Okay?

A – Yep.

Q – Who else is there?

A – My dad, just people are looking.

Q – Okay.

A – Just hurry man.

Q – Uh, they're on their way, okay? How old are you (name redacted)?

A – Mm, 14 going on 15.

Q – Okay. Anything else that you know of, do you know what she's wearing?

A – She's probably wearing pajamas.

Q – Do you know what color?

A – Mm, maybe green, I don't know.

Q – I, can you ask what she was wearing?

A – Yeah, I can go ask my dad, I gotta…

Q – Okay. Stay with me on the phone and go ask him.

A – Alright. Can you take me down to…

A1 – (unidentified male) Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come with me.

A – Hold on, I gotta drive back to my house.

Q – You're driving?

A – To get back to my house.

Q – Okay.

A – Someone's gonna give me a ride home.

Q – While you're going back to your house, does she have any uh, medical conditions?

A – No. She does not have any medical conditions, she's only six years old man.

Q – Okay. And did you guys hear anything?

A – No.

Q – No? The screen is off the window?

A – Yeah.

Q – Okay.

A – It looks like it was taken off.

Q – Okay.

A – I don't know man.

Q – What's your…

A – There a parking it. (ph)

Q - …what's your sister's name?

A – Isabel Mercedes Celis.

Q – Cely, Celis you said?

A – Yeah, Celis.

Q – Okay.

A – Hopefully not neighbors, she was … (inaudible).

A1 – Where?

A – Right there where you see the kid outside.

A1 – Oh.

A – Yeah, just hold on.

Q – Okay. Who's the one that didn't find her, you or your dad?

A – They all, we're all going to find her. My mom just came home from work and my brother's outside and we're all outside look for her.

Q – Okay.

A – Alright, thank you sir.

A1 – No problem.

A – Hey, what was Isa wearing last night? Yeah. She was wearing shorts, bask (ph)…she was wearing an Old Navy American flag shirt.

Q – And what, what's on ‘em?

A – Just the American flag is on ‘em and I think it's navy blue shorts.

Q – Okay.

A2 – (in background) She's my daughter she's not gonna leave.

Q – Anything else that she remembers she was wearing?

A – Here.

A2 – … (inaudible)

A – Here.

A2 – Hello?

Q – Hello ma'am, are you the mom?

A2 – Yes.

Q – Okay, what is your name?

A2 – My name is Rebecca Celis. C-E-L-I-S.

Q – Okay. Anything else you remember she was wearing and her hair?

A2 – Her hair is in braids. It's in little ponytails, I made little ponytails on her head last night before she went to bed.

Q – Okay. And that was a Old Navy uh, shirt with a flag and navy shorts?

A2 – Yes, and she's only fi (ph), she's only six, can you please hurry and get somebody over here.

Q – Okay, officers are already on their way ma'am, we're just gri (ph), getting more information from you, okay?

A2 – Okay.

Q – So who, who noticed her gone, your husband?

A2 – My husband, I went to work this morning at seven and um, I just, and I didn't even come and check on her, I should have come and checked on her.

Q – Okay. Alright. Just take a deep breath okay, I know it's hard.

A2 – Oh no, I can't even … (inaudible).

Q – Does your daughter have any medical conditions?

A2 – No, she has nothing.

Q – I'm sorry, she has what?

A2 – She has nothing, there's no medical conditions. She's healthy.

Q – Okay.

A2 – No allergies, no medical conditions.

Q – Okay. And you…

A2 – She's got…

Q - …didn't hear anything…

A2 - …brown hair…

Q - …at all?

A2 – No. I didn't hear anything at all.

Q – Okay.

A2 – Oh my God.

Q – Just stay with me on the phone, they're almost there, I have some officers on the way, okay?

A2 – Okay. I, I…

Q – Okay, now you looked everywhere, under the beds, the closets, everything?

A2 – Yeah, I looked everywhere, I even looked … (inaudible) the windows out of our house. Somebody took the window out of our house.

Q – Okay.

A2 - … (inaudible) please hurry, please and get here.

Q – They're almost there ma'am, okay?

A2 - … (inaudible).

Q – Where, where is your husband and your kids?

A2 – They're outside waiting for the cops.

Q – Okay.

A2 – Oh my God.

Q – Take a deep breath okay, I do understand how hard that is. I just need you to calm down a little bit, okay?

A2 – I'm sorry.

Q – No that's okay. And…

A2 – Can I…

Q - …how tall is she?

A2 – She's um, uh, like 48, 44, 45 inches long.

Q – Okay.

A2 – She's um, 44 pounds.

Q – And the hair color you said brown?

A2 – Brown.

Q – In braids?

A2 – And she has, and she has two little um, braids going down, they're like, we put ponytails in her hair so she's got like four ponytails on each side that go down her and it's split…

Q – Four ponytails…

A2 - …in the middle.

Q - …brai (ph), four braided ponytails?

A2 – It's, it's a two, it's like two braids.

Q – Two braids? Okay.

A2 – But it's made with ponytails instead of a braid.

Q – Okay. Does uh, any uh, marks, scars?

A2 – Other than the window out, I can't see anything else. And the door is locked to outside, so they had to have jumped over the fence or, I don't know what they did, but oh my God, the cops are here, can I just hang up…

Q – Okay.

A2 - …now please.

Q – Yes, I'll let you go.

A2 – Thank you.

Q – Bye.

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