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TPD: Scheduled briefings will end

Lt. Fabian Pacheco Lt. Fabian Pacheco
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Tucson Police Department said today's press briefing in the search for a missing Tucson girl will be the last regularly scheduled update.

Tucson Police Lt. Fabian Pacheco said this change should in no way be used as a gauge on how the search for Isabel Celis, 6, is going.

Police are "not losing interest in the case, just being mindful of resources," Pacheco said.

Celis was reported missing from her home on April 21. She was last seen the night before when she was put to bed.

Pacheco also said police will be returning to areas already covered and interviewing registered sex offenders that they've already spoken with as the latest step in the search.

Police will focus specifically on those offenders known to abuse children about Isabel's age, Pacheco said.

Police have searched lakes and landfills, contacted all 542 registered sex offenders in the area, and canvassed neighborhoods in an effort to find Isabel.

Police will be passing out a flyer to people "residing in, visiting, or having business in the neighborhoods and other areas in the general vicinity of the Celis family home," as stated in a news release.

The flyer includes the following questions:

  1. Did you observe anything that struck you as unusual or out of the ordinary at anytime prior to the incident or since the incident?
  2. Were there any delivery people or solicitors in your area two weeks prior to this incident or since the incident?
  3. Has there been any construction in your area prior to or since the incident?
  4. Were there any yard sales, parties or other large gatherings prior to the incident?
  5. Did you notice any unusual vehicles or vehicles that you did not recognize in your area prior to the incident?
  6. Do you have surveillance cameras in use at your home?
  7. Do you know if any of your neighbors have surveillance cameras in use?

Pacheco said police have followed up on about 1,500 leads.

"Most of it hasn't really yielded anything," Pacheco said.

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