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Documents detail initial conversations between Celis parents and TPD

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

We continue to pour over the hundreds of documents just released by the Tucson Police Department regarding the Isabel Celis abduction.

From what police found in the Celis home, to interviews they conducted, we learn more and more by each page we read about what happened in the days following her disappearance.

On the morning of April 21st, Sergio Celis was first to call police to report that his 6-year-old daughter, Isabel, had allegedly been taken from her bedroom.

A lot is blacked out in the more than 550 pages of documents released to us by TPD. It is clear there are a lot of dead-end leads. But most of all, there is proof of a lengthy, ongoing investigation, and a department that's followed up on more than 1,500 leads. In one report, a TPD detective provides a thorough synopsis of his conversations with Sergio and Becky Celis just hours after they reported their daughter missing. The officer writes that a "visibly upset" Becky asks whether police had "contacted officials at the U.S./Mexican border."

The officer also asks "how the relationship was between her and her husband," Sergio. According to the report, Becky said "there were no problems."

The family has three dogs, and according to the same document, Sergio says, "they {dogs} did not bark during the night and that they are the type of dogs that would bark at strangers."

In the first few days, the family's street was blocked off and we all wondered what investigators were doing inside the home, what, if any, evidence they were finding. From the documents released yesterday, we now know detectives took Isabel's "hairbrush and her toothbrush for possible DNA."

Investigators took pictures of anything that raised suspicion, including what officers report as a footprint on an electrical meter outside the five-foot wall surrounding the family's home.

Inside what police refer to as the "middle east bedroom" which we believe to be Isabel's, detectives took a photo of "apparent blood on the floor."

Despite all the follow-ups, photos and evidence, more than a month later, there is still no sign of missing Isabel Celis.

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