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Cunningham investigation to be confidential

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Paul Cunningham Paul Cunningham
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Tucson city attorney, Mike Rankin, has passed off the investigation into Tucson City Council Member Paul Cunningham to the Office of Equal Opportunity.

Rankin made that decision public in a memo released late this afternoon.

Rankin also says "all written and verbal communications relating to this matter are to be treated as confidential."

"There are more people involved in this investigation than Mr. Cunningham," Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild told News 13.

In an effort to protect all those involved, information will not be released.

"Neither I nor any other City representative may make any further comment on this matter while it is under investigation," Rankin says.,

There are others who believe the investigation should be moved out of the city.

Ward I council member Regina Romero is one of those.

"It's a conflict," she says, "A city office should not investigate an elected city official."

She also questions whether Cunningham can effectively conduct city business with the other council members while the investigation is going on.

"What he did crossed the line," she says.,

But what that line is, is unclear because the city had no code of conduct for elected officials.

The item is up for city discussion June 12.

Some cities, like San Diego, have a code of conduct whereas others, like Albuquerque, do not.

As of today, we have been told no complaint has been filed against Cunningham but an investigation can go forward without one.

That, however, is yet to be determined.

The city council members are scheduled to be given outlines of how the investigation will proceed.,

Cunningham is accused of misconduct during a taxpayer funded trip to San Diego May 16-18.

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