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All girl fire camp kicks off today

Today I got a little taste of Camp Fury and it does live up to its name. Tucson Fire and Northwest Fire have been teaming up with the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona to put on the all girl fire camp.

This is the fourth year Camp Fury is giving girls ranging from 9th to 12th grade hands on firefighter learning.

For four days and three nights the girls will perform firefighting skills with fire department equipment and gear. They also will learn about emergency preparedness and work towards earning a badge.

The goal of the camp is much more this though, they work to build teamwork, self confidence and respect.

One of founders of the camp Tucson Fire Deputy Chief Laura Baker says, "Hopefully the camp gives them a positive leadership experience that they can take and pursue a career in a nontraditional field.

"The camp empowered me and inspired me to sign up for the junior fire program and I just turned my papers a couple weeks ago," says Victoria Russell who is attending the camp a second time.

Even if the girls do not pursue a career in the field, firefighters at Camp Fury say it gives the girls something they will have for the rest of their lives, self confidence.

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