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Skate park named in honor of Christina-Taylor Green

© (Source: Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Foundation) © (Source: Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Foundation)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The youngest victim of the Jan. 8 mass shooting continues to inspire our community. Today, a skate park was named in honor of Christina-Taylor Green.

When Grijalva Park opened in the Midvale Park neighborhood in 2009, people in the neighborhood say it changed the area for the better. Now, with today's dedication, Grijalva Park is changing once again.

The new skate park inside Grijalva Park on Tucson's southwest side has been unnamed until now.

Today, applause for the naming of the Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Skate Park. A small sign hangs for a little girl who made an impression on the hearts of Tucsonans.

"I heard about her," Isaiah Baumbach, an 11-year-old who lives in the area said. "she (Green) was shot and I was really sad when I heard about it."

Even at 9-years-old, Christina-Taylor was described as "ambitious." But to have a park named in your honor, a Tucson City ordinance says "the individual must have contributed in a definitive way" to the betterment of the community.

"The short years that she lived, she did something about the betterment of her community of her school," city councilwoman, Regina Romero said. "She got involved. She changed things. She was the change she wanted to be."

"I like this park the most," Baumbach said. "Sometimes I go on the playground with my sister. There are a lot of fun things here."

Now, fun and meaning. The skate park was the request of children in the neighborhood. The city didn't have enough money to put one in, so an anonymous donor gave $7,500, an amount matched by the local homeowner's association.

"And they went door to door," Romero said. "They got the signatures to name the park 'Christina-Taylor Green.'"

"We were able to continue that hard work with the neighbors and really get it going," Joseph Miller, the president of the Midvale Park Neighborhood Association said. "And not just something going, but something beautiful."

Now, when children play in a park that community organizers say has helped crime drop in the area, they hope inspiration will follow laughter.

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