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More meteorologists at Davis-Monthan than you can shake a stick at!

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When we think of keeping the troops safe, images of fences and bases in lands far away come to mind.

At Tucson's davis-Monthan  Air Force Base, though, there's another, more scientific way to protect those who serve.

Major Jason Blackerby/Director of Operations:  "If you take the Continental Divide and go west to the coast and up into Canada and down into Mexico... We have 86 military locations that we forecast for."

220 Air Force personnel work 24 hours a fay forecasting weather for missions near and far.  Here, the accuracy of the forecasts is key because lives depend on it. "there's about a 20% chance for something" isn't an acceptable forecast for these meteorologists.

2nd Lieutenant Scott Farray/Air Force Meteorologist: "We need to be accurate, extremely accurate because they tailor their mission whether it's a wartime mission or they're training."

These Air Force Meteorologists speak the language of the atmosphere!

2nd Lieutenant Scott Farray/Air Force Meteorologist, referring to a satellite picture: "Here in Oregon and most of Idaho, we have mountain wave clouds...  The air rises up then dives down the mountains.  In between the ranges a circulation forms and it's dangerous because the downward wind is closer to the mountains."

So, even though you might think meteorologists are only on T.V., know that in our military-based community they are all around. You might even see a meteorologist walking around town in his or her military duds!

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