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Messy road conditions in Corona de Tucson

PIMA COUNTY, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Traffic was backed up in Corona de Tucson Friday night because a major road was flooded.

Rain pounded Sahaurita Road making messy driving conditions for motorists. Sheriff's deputies stood on each end, reminding drivers to slow down. They even closed portions of the road for up to an hour.

Mark Bowling was on his way home from work when he got stuck in a bunch of traffic. Still, he says he's seen much worse.

"I've seen cars get stranded. As long as you go slow, as soon as the water stop, it packs mud. If you get off on the side of the road you can get stuck pretty easily," said Bowling.

For Jim Sanchez, he says he had to wait an hour because he got stuck in the middle of it all. "You know it was wild. When I turned around and came back and saw other folks weren't crossing. It was running on both sides, right and left and in front," said Sanchez.

From having a white car -- to now a muddy one. Sanchez is just grateful he got out safely.

Heavy machinery came through clearing the road making it a little easier for drivers.

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