Mixed feelings about Loughner plea at site of Jan 8th shooting

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Now that Jared Loughner has pleaded guilty in the mass shooting outside the Safeway on Ina and Oracle, the community is trying to move forward.  Loughner changed his plea during a hearing Tuesday morning, taking responsibility for the shooting that killed six and wounded more than a dozen others.  Loughner will now have to spend life in prison without parole.

At the Safeway, you can still see where bullets bounced off the outside wall from the shooting a year and a half ago.  A memorial is nearby with six rocks representing those killed and one large rock with a plaque to honor all affected by the tragedy.

"I don't ever come in this safeway that I don't think about it so hopefully it will be closure," said visitor Sharlene Anderson.

"That was not only an attack on our community but on our whole judicial system so I don't think we're ever going to totally get over it," said visitor Mark Weber.

Many people believe closure will not come until laws are passed to provide better care for those with mental illness or tighten gun control.  Still most people we spoke to say the outcome of the hearing is not perfect, but it will help bring peace.

"I would feel differently if I was a relative of some of these people but really that's great," said Diana Tucci.

"They keep showing that picture of him that was taken when it first happened and the people who were shot they don't want to be reminded of that," said Sherrie Glover.

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