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Another postal employee accused of stealing

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A U.S. postal employee is facing federal charges tonight for stealing gift cards out of mail he was processing.

The suspect was a mail clerk at the Tucson mail processing and distribution center on Cherrybell Stravenue. Court documents state he took gift cards out of mail on three separate occasions.

Local postal officials would not comment on whether there are check and balances in place to prevent this type of thing. But a representative from the postal workers union said they have cameras all over the distribution floor and the front desk where you buy stamps. They are also audited every two weeks.

Despite these security measures, you may be surprised to learn how many postal employees are accused of stealing mail.

According to the office of inspector general last year they indicted more than 2,500 people for stealing mail.

About 1,300 of them were postal employees, the men and women we trust to bring us our mail.

"They're supposed to be very responsible. It's a very serious job," said Cora Saucedo.

"If this is going on I'd tell my family not to mail me cards with money. Makes me wary," Ezra Reyes said.

A member of the postal workers union says this situation makes all of them very sad. The suspect, 60-year-old Fernando Cardenas, was a quiet man who was very reliable and worked there for about six years.

The union representative says 1,300 indictments may sound like a lot but it's not when you think about the tens of thousands of postal workers nationwide.

4:28:34 "It makes all postal workers look bad. 99% are very honest," said Connie Sadler-Nelson, president of the American postal employees union.

Cardenas has resigned. Court documents say he is not allowed to leave Arizona and that he had to forfeit passport. He has a court hearing set for next month.

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