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Barak Shapiro

Most people think I’m completely insane when I say I love hot weather. It’s almost harder to say what I like better. My Stone Cold Creamery Ice Cream or the 100 degree temps. I may have to go with the heat. Why else would I move to Arizona where the highs are almost always above 100 degrees during the summer.

Not only that, but there are so many different outdoor things to take advantage of. The hiking is amazing but the Mt. biking is the best. Plus of course the Cold Stone Creamery which was not in MD where I lived for a few moments.

If you’re wondering where my love the heat started, it was in Metairie, La which is right outside of New Orleans. That’s the place where I grew up and figured out I wanted to be a meteorologist. Let me tell you that after Hurricane Andrew I was hooked and have been stuck on weather ever since. Seeing trees split in half and watching debris fly by your window in the middle of a hurricane is just a little frightening.

Thankfully though those days are over and I have traded the tropics for the monsoon.

When I’m not outside or working out enjoying all the nice warm temps, I’m inside reading my Sci-Fi books or playing the piano.

Barak Shapiro graduated from Florida State University with his degree in Meteorology and has been awarded his seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society.

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