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Former AZ lawmaker acquitted of domestic violence

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A former Tucson representative charged with domestic violence is now in the clear.

He is clearing his name after an ethics investigation prompted him to resign last spring. Former State Representative Daniel Patterson says he should not have faced the scrutiny he did by fellow lawmakers since he was only charged at the time.

He was charged with domestic violence after a fight with his former girlfriend Georgette Escobar in late February.

State democrats launched an ethics investigation and said even the charge created an unfavorable image for the party and the legislature.

That then led to a house ethics committee unanimously approval recommending his expulsion from the house.

Six months after the incident and four months after he resigned, Patterson has been found not guilty on domestic violence charges.

Prosecutors continued after Georgette Escobar recanted and even asked to have contact with Patterson again. They often continue cases even after the plaintiff breaks off contact or takes back the accusation.

"We would have prosecuted this case whether or not it was Daniel Patterson, a former state representative or any other person who was alleged to have committed the reported acts," said Tucson City Prosecutor Baird Greene.

"I always maintained my innocence throughout this entire ordeal.  This has been very tough on me and my family and some of my friends.  My life is good now.  I'm going to continue to work on public policy, especially in the areas of energy and environment.  I'm going to continue to be involved in politics," Patterson said.

When asked about running again, Patterson says maybe. 

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