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Miller talks team building with TUSD

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - Arizona Wildcat head basketball coach Sean Miller met with a handful of staff from Tucson Unified School District to talk about building effective "teams" within the classroom.

"My message is probably very similar to what they do on a daily basis," said Miller. "It's important that you think about things in a bigger light. Not just about yourself but about how it affects other people."

Miller was invited to speak by former Wildcat and Cholla basketball player Harvey Thompson.

"When he said the words "All in" that meant that everybody is all in," said Thompson. "We all rely upon each other. We're there to support each other...we can accomplish those goals and make sure the kid is successful."

On the basketball front, just a week from returning from the Bahamas, Miller said that he was pleased with what he got out of the foreign trip.

"We have a new group," said Miller. "When you go through 10 practices over two become closer and in a way you give yourself a head start."

Miller will address the media in a formal gathering Thursday.

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