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The outlook for September is here!

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September is a month of great change. It's not quite cool, but it's usually (minus any tropical storms) drier and cooling from the summer's peak.


* We lose almost 2 hours of daylight in September, going from a day-length of 12hours, 47 minutes to 11 hours, 51 minutes from the 1st to the 30th.

* Sunrise changes from 5:59AM to 6:18AM from the first to last of the month.

* Sunset changes from 6:47PM to 6:09PM from September's beginning to end.


* Normal high temperature on the 1st is 97, but it drops to 90 by the 30th.

* Normal low temperature on the 1st is 72, but cools to 64 by the 30th.


* Normal rainfall for September is 1.29", far less than the monsoon-active months of July and August.

* 19 tropical systems have brought rain to Arizona since 1921, meaning it happens about 1 out of every 5 years.


*This year's outlook from the Climate Prediction Center is for a good chance for above normal temperatures and above normal rainfall for Arizona.

September temperature outlook

September precipitation outlook

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