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4th Hottest August on record

This past month was a grueling one when Tucson experienced nine straight days of 105 degree temperatures or hotter, placing it in fourth for the hottest August on record.

The record holder is 10 straight days, which took place in August of 1995.

The average temperature was 88.2 degrees, which is almost three degrees above normal. However, Tucson had a slight break this year with a one degree difference from August of 2011, which placed in second.

Source: National Weather Service

This past month also placed in fifth when temperatures hit the triple-digits for 20 days, which tied with August of 1989 and 1915. Also, for the first time since 1994 the airport recorded back-to-back days of 109 degrees or hotter.

Not only were temperatures above normal but rainfall was below normal.

Tucson experienced some showers at the end of the month, it was placed as the 28th driest on record. The Tucson International Airport recorded 1.17" of rain for the month which is still 1.22" below normal.

This summer, Tucson was hit hard with hot temperatures ranking it in 6th place with an average temperature of 72.9 degrees. This is 1.7 degrees above normal, making this year the 6th warmest to date.

Don't bring out your fall attire just yet and leave an umbrella near by because hot temperatures and above normal rainfall is projected for these upcoming months. For the full report click here.

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