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UA Mall lawn goes organic

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The University of Arizona has turned to a local company to fertilize some of the lawn on campus organically.

The facilities management team on campus was trying to get the lawn in front of Bear Down to grow. The products they were using were not working. The grounds department was contacted by Merlin Organics. The Tucson based company has an organic fertilizer to put on the lawn. The trail on the front lawn worked.

Since that worked, the universities' management decided to try the organic tea on the UA Mall lawn. They use Merlin's product on about 12 acres of the lawn. It's applied once a month in the morning. The sustainable method is getting a bit of praise from facilities management. "We are really happy with what's going on so far, we want to see how it goes through the winter months," said Christopher Kopach Assistant Vice President Facilities Management

Merlin Organics is the only company of its kind in Tucson. They produce the organic fertilizer using several different products without chemicals. They use compost that they make in the Foothills, seaweed and molasses as part of some of their mixes. It's put into a tub of water and mixed by air for about 44 hours. They make almost 500 pounds of the organic product each month.

As part of the process, Merlin takes a sample of the lawn. Once it's sent back from testing, the company comes up with a plan for the fertilizer. In the case of the U of A. The product can cut the use of water and the cost of paying for water. Troy Hollar from Merlin Organics said, "The grass roots out there has better water retention, we decreased the water usage out on the mall by 5% and were hoping to make it 10% by the end of the trial."

To get more information on Merlin Organics, click on the link below.

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